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Click here for M1 (Please click here first thing so that our foundation might receive a affiliate fee should you ever invest through M1.  Thank you.

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Paul Merriman & Chris Pedersen compare M1 Finance & Motif Investing and why they're excited by these easy, low-cost ways to invest, implementing Paul's recommendations.  Click here.

What Is M1 Finance?

We are excited to affiliate with M1 Finance, an innovative online brokerage firm that is commission-free, automated, and is designed to help you build wealth by investing in a target investment allocation.  

Now you can easily buy Paul Merriman’s recommended Ultimate Buy and Hold  portfolios commission-free, starting with as little as $100 to invest. And because of M1 Finance uses fractional share investing and automatically invests anytime your cash balance goes over $10, dividends and new contributions will go to work right away.  You will find links to Paul's M1 Finance "Pies" at the bottom of this page.

Put your investments on autopilot. M1 Finance supports automatic scheduled transfers and investing, so you can remove the emotion and nuisance of manual steps.

Rebalance with new contributions, or by clicking a button.  M1 Finance applies new contributions to under-target assets first, so every contribution nudges you back towards your desired allocation.  If that's not enough to keep your allocation on-track, you can also trigger a commission-free rebalance at any time and it will happen on the next trading day.  And, if you sign up through our affiliate link to M1 Finance – which costs you nothing extra – you’ll be helping sustain the work of The Merriman Financial Education Foundation, making it possible for us to improve and maintain recommendations into the future. 

More Things to Know About M1 Finance

M1 Finance is commission-free and convenient, but there are also some limitations: 

  • Customer support is not nearly as responsive as full-service brokerage firms.
  • M1 Finance requires a minimum initial investment of $100 to purchase a Portfolio (or Pie), and $10 for incremental investments.
  • M1 Finance only accepts market orders for buying and selling — no limit or stop-loss orders.
  • M1 Finance trades are all executed at 9:00 AM Central Time.
  • M1 Finance automatically invests cash in the account anytime there is more than $10.
  • M1 Finance accounts have a "Portfolio" at their top level which can be made up of "Pies" that include asset allocations which are stable and don't drift with market values (like at Motif Investing). 
  • M1 Finance Merriman Pies are just a setup shortcut so any changes in recommended ETFs or allocations (as happens with the target date funds) will not be sent to investors as notifications.  Investors will need to manually update, or come back and re-click the short-cut links to synchronize over time.
  •  M1 Finance doesn't support online sign up for UGMA (custodial minor accounts), but does support them through a paper process.

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