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the Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy

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Five Steps to More Money, Less Risk and More Peace of Mind

This 2.5 hour video, produced by the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants, is now available FREE to Paul’s readers and listeners. Created for CPAs to receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, the intent of the video is to empower them to better educate their themselves and their clients; as I hope it will be for you and your loved ones.  For those who might be watching with a smaller screen or smartphone click here for the powerpoint presentation and audio only.

The presentation focuses on the equity asset classes (U.S.and international, large and small cap, growth and value and real estate)  every equity investor should own, how to select the best performing mutual funds, the pros and cons of index funds, the best balance of equity and fixed income funds and how to maximize distributions in retirement without taking the risk of running out of money.  For those who would like to do something special for a child or grandchild, Paul discusses how to turn $1 a day for 21 years into $50 million dollars.
Habits and Attitudes of Successful Investors

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“My goal is to help you make more money with less risk and more peace of mind.” -Paul Merriman

“Financial Fitness Forever”

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Moving to action: Twelve numbers to change your life