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What Our Read​​​​ers and Listeners Are Saying

“Your education has taken away all the financial worries I have about my retirement. Thank you, Paul!” — Lloyd C.

“I love following your work. I use things I’ve learned from your materials and videos when I work with clients, and you’ve inspired me to want to find ways to give back as well. I’m sure other financial advisors who follow you feel the same way.” – Tyler S.

“Where have you been all my life? Although my husband and I have done well with our small business and real estate investments, we did not have the confidence to invest in the market. Your information and resources have empowered us to get on the road to more diversification and an even brighter future. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

Thank you so very much for the education you provide. I have much to learn, but now I invest with intentionality and purpose, rather just trying to follow what is aggressively marketed or is currently the hot stock or fund."
 – Brian S.

“Am I the only one who listened to the Paul Merriman episode with Rob and thought, ‘This is my favorite bromance ever. I’m looking forward to hearing many more conversations between these two amazing educators."
Gabe S

“Thanks to your hard work educating us, taking control of my retirement portfolio has given me so much confidence and relief that my financial future as secure as can be, risk adjusted of course.”
 – Lloyd C.

"I just listened to your podcast “Motif Investing and the Tale of Two Emails.”  I was shocked to hear that you used my email for the podcast.  I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning!  You answered all of my questions and then some.  Thank you so much for all of your time and effort; it is greatly appreciated."
– Alison V. 

“Paul, you came to Western Washington University 2 years ago and I was president of the financial management association. You held a conversation hour for the students and handed out packets with historical data. You were one of the most influential speakers our club ever had, and what you had to say stuck with me. I still use the handout and I follow up on your website, podcasts and Facebook page. They’re great resources! Thank you!”
 – Alex S.

“The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy is priceless advice for the long-term investor. It has given me greater peace of mind as I put my investments on auto-pilot. Paul’s podcasts, videos and articles are a wealth of information. I wish I had known this information when I was in my 20s.”
 – Chris L. 

"A BIG thank you, Mr. Merriman, for all you are doing for all of us! My ‘guess’ is that you are working harder as an educator than you ever did for pay. I also know that this is a labor of love, so likely giving your life/ knowledge away has to also be a lot more fun.” 
– David B.

"Thank you so much for the Financial Fitness Forever video. Although it was a huge amount of information, it was very useful to see all of the comparisons. I am so glad that you continue to do work that you enjoy in retirement and from which we all benefit!"
– Deb C. 

"I have been listening to you since I was in college, your radio show and podcast have helped my wife and I get a great start to our financial lives.  I’m very grateful for the services you provide and I wish you the best in all your projects and your “retirement.
– Justin V.

"As one of your fans, thank you for all the time and energy you expend trying to help those of us less trained and more nervous than you.”
– Phillip R 

"I love, love, love, listening to your podcasts. You turned me from an idiot to a good investor."

"Thank you very much for doing the Financial Fitness Forever, 2016 video presentation! I have learned a lot from that presentation and will go back to it from time to time to get more specific details and references. I think there’s a good analogy to be made here with real estate (“location, location, location”) and for your sound retirement investment strategy it is “defense, defense, defense"

“I am a raving follower and advocate of your teachings and financial education. I have read your book “Financial Fitness Forever” and the majority of your articles. They have changed my financial outlook and my entire life for the future.  I cannot say enough about the impact your work has had upon me and the impact it will have as I share it with others.”

“After I stumbled upon your podcasts, I fell in love. I have looked at all the recommendations on your website and am ready to put your advice in action. I am SO thankful for you, Paul, and have shared your information with countless friends to help guide them toward financial freedom.” 
– Lauren B

"Wow! I just finished watching your Financial Fitness Forever 2016 video presentation… for the first time. Much there I will enjoy reviewing again, together with the materials. At the risk of going overboard with superlatives, this is surely one of the finest overviews of sound investing fundamentals available in such a concise presentation. And the fact that you’ve offered the presentation on-line to the public at no charge is an amazing gift."
– Steve C.

“Thanks again for being “The Great Navigator” for the rest of us!”
– G.W.

“Your recommended allocations look like an endowment portfolio, designed to survive centuries regardless of economic conditions.”
 – Dean M.

You’re a rock star, Paul, keep it up! Don’t ever retire from your unpaid gig!”
– Alan H.

"Superb podcast, Mr. Merriman. One of your best! All the lessons you so eloquently teach are wrapped up in this one podcast. Essential listening especially for those starting out." 
– Harry C

"Thanks for your tremendous contribution to financial literacy for lay people such as myself. With all the noise out there, it is very easy to be confused, scared, and get lost. So thank you for separating fact from fiction, and explaining everything in simple language."
– Aseem D.

"I have great faith that your approach is the right one and, given that I have roughly 15 years to retirement, I hope to tell you in that time frame how much your advice has helped me and my family. Please keep up the great work. I loved your Vanguard vs. Fidelity analysis this week and I look forward to more of your valuable insights!"
 – Rob P.

“You give people confidence in the long-term functioning of the stock market and make it easier not to get frightened by all the noise out there. Especially here in Europe many people don’t have this confidence and shy away from investing in stocks. I will direct my nieces and nephews to your website, hoping they will take your recommendations to heart. Thank you so much for all you do, making (financial) life better for so many people.”
– Rainer D, Switzerland 

“I am a 76 year old retiree, who has known of you, seen you at conferences, and admired your knowledge and skills. Yours is a truly noble pursuit, and one that I imagine emulating, though on a much smaller scale. I know that you find it satisfying and fulfilling, because I have. Keep up your FANTASTIC work!” – a fan

"Thank you for your the love and service you give. You were the first person that helped “open my eyes” around March 2016. How? The charts and podcasts going back years and years and your NO profit motive. Your love and service will help my family and my family families many generations into the future."
– Bill S.

"I love love love listening to your podcasts. You turned me from an idiot to a good investor.  As one of your fans, thank you for all the time and energy you expend trying to help those of us less trained and more nervous than you."
– Phillip R

Thank you so much for all your work helping intelligent but novice investors maximize returns within their risk profile!
– Todd S

"After I stumbled upon Paul’s podcasts, I fell in love. I have looked at all the recommendations on his website and am ready to put his advice in action"

I am SO thankful for Paul and have shared is information with countless friends to help guide them toward financial freedom.
– Lauren Bischoff

"I just want to let you know what your work has meant to me, and so many others. When I made the decision to switch careers I felt the excitement and enthusiasm and knew it was the right choice."
– Chris B

"Thank you very much for all you do for the average investor. Your information is a life-changer to so many."

"I have really enjoyed watching your presentation “Financial Fitness Forever” and reading many of the articles available on your website. I want to thank you for your continuing efforts to help people preparing for retirement. The video has further increased my motivation to stay on track. Whenever I feel uncertain about my family´s financial situation I now have great resources to fall back on. I will share your material to anyone who is prepared to listen to it."
 – Torsten S

"The great advice I’ve gotten from your website (The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy) and Vanguard Fund recommendations, have helped us accumulate some assets. That’s going to make our rapidly approaching retirement years a lot more comfortable. I doubt that would be the case if I had not come across your information online about 10 years ago."

"I can’t thank you enough!"
– Scott M.

"Hi Professor Paul, I hope you don’t mind me calling you Professor because that’s how I refer to you when I talk among my friends and family. I want you to know that I really appreciate all you do for openly teaching us sound advice on how to not screw with our hard-earned money. I love your evidence-backing advice and listening to your podcasts. I honestly try to listen to them every chance I get."
– Ben J.

"What a wealth of information is on your Website! I am so glad that I stumbled upon it."  
– Dave D.

"You do a great service to everyone. I started reading your MarketWatch columns, now I listen every weekend to ALL your prior podcasts."  
– Dr. Charles I.

"Thanks for your excellent writings and podcasts. I have made my daughters aware of them, so they can be guided as well."
– David C.

"You can never give me too many Q & A’s. If I do not have the time to read them all at once I will make every effort to read them all as time allows. I truly respect your opinion on all topics. I listen to all podcasts and I try to read each of your MarketWatch articles. I’d love to see you in person if I’m ever near where you’re giving a presentation. I am struggling having faith in anyone being my financial advisor at this time. I wish I could find a clone of you to ease me in trusting someone else to advise me “as needed” on financial concerns. I’ll be retiring soon and I’ll want to find someone for my wife “just in case”.  Please keep the great information going one way or the other. You are providing a wonderful service to me and I hope to many others. Long live Paul!"
– Dan H.

"I only recently stumbled across Mr. Merriman’s website and books. I found the books fascinatingly informative and helpful, and only wish I had found the information when I was younger. Although I was already retired when I “discovered” Mr. Merriman, I am using one of his model portfolios because it is never too late to protect and improve upon your financial standing. "
– Angelo C.

"Paul I want to take the time to tell you the January and February 2014 podcasts have been among your best. You take on John Bogle, Gabelli, and point out their blind spots. Most informative was the FAQ podcast where you amplify on DFA & Merriman. You have given my family and me peace of mind that we are on the right track with your help & information – many thanks. "
– Russell K.

"Thanks, I appreciate your commentary and you are doing a great job with your books, which I am using to help educate my grown up children on taking care of their own investments."
– Chuck R.

"I just heard of you today; I read your Marketwatch article about 60/40 equity/bonds. I subscribed to your podcast and downloaded your three free books. Looking forward to learning the basics of investing. Please keep creating info for newcomers. Thanks for spreading the knowledge!"
– Kerry K.

"Congratulations Mr. Merriman, your activities In helping people is inspiring and you seem to enjoy helping. Your help in personal finance is free and valuable – I hope you take great satisfaction in doing good for others. "
– Robert K.

"Thanks for your help. I like reading your articles – they have helped me become my own investor."
– Kimberly K.

"I just want to let you know again how much of a positive difference you have made in my life through your books, website articles and podcasts. I have started posting links to your books and articles on with my commentary. I have been semi-retired for 2 years and I’m 55 now. Friends in my age group are starting to get interested in investing and Facebook is a great place to post articles. A big problem I’m starting to see is the marketing of insurance products to my friends! Your free book covers these products well and I’m trying to get the word out.Thank you again for your hard work."
– Danny J.

"Your advice is much appreciated – and makes my life easier."
– Meridith S.

"Hi Paul, I just wanted to say THANKS for all the FREE help you’ve offered! I recently found you through your podcasts and am blown away with your knowledge on investing. I am a “Boglehead” and had 50% in VTI and 50% in vang. Total international. While this is good, I was convinced by you to tilt towards small/value. I am now investing with your suggested portfolio, so thank you. I am still catching up on all your podcasts. It is very hard to find in-depth information as you provide, especially for free."
– John A.

"I also live in the Seattle area and am excited that you’re from here. I also find it very admirable that you offer a course at WWU. Thanks again for all you do, please keep it up!"
 – Jason F.

"Thanks for your dedication to investor education through your websites, podcast, and books. I’m a long-time reader and listener, going back at least 10 years. You make everything very understandable and are a good motivator to take charge of my asset allocation and expenses of investing. Thank you!"
– Jan K.

"The start times that you added to the Q&A podcasts will be very useful – both now (previewing the podcast information) and in the future (searching for specific questions). May you have many more years of sound investing."
– Del D.

"I really appreciate what you do for those of us interested in retirement security. I have recently discovered your articles on the MarketWatch site, and have been exploring your website. "
– Peter F.

"Just a note to say a big THANK YOU!  I’ve been a fan for quite some time. With the confidence gained from your writings and podcasts, I finally fired the advisor who had been basically holding my hand without recommending any changes. He is most certainly a true Buy and Hold type. I was well positioned, but afraid to navigate the icy cold waters without unbiased guidance. You’ve helped me make the leap!I’ve made several friends aware of you and your materials, and I hope they’ll at least learn about what you offer.Please take time to enjoy YOUR retirement.  I wish all the best for you and your family.  Thanks again!"
– Doug J.

"Your books and podcasts and web site have been invaluable to me as I tried to figure out how to invest my IRA and 401K with both a good comfort level and a high degree of long-term success. I am very grateful to you."
– Bruce W.

"I’ve shared your information, recommendations and website with family members and friends. I’ll continue to do so. I have the proof to show them how its helped me over more than a decade… and that period of time had some real ups and downs. Staying the course, and proper diversification really does pay-off in the long run. Please keep up the good work! It’s important."
– Scott W.

"My desire to start investing early came mostly from within. Regrettably, I did not take any business or finance courses in college. Upon graduation I felt the need to “get smart or get screwed,” to borrow the phrase from your book. I was lucky enough to stumble across a few of your MarketWatch articles, which offer sensible advice. These led me, in turn, to explore your website, podcasts and books. Thanks again for reaching out to a 20-something like me, especially for no personal gain of your own. I will certainly try to “pay it forward” by informing others of your work. "
– Martin B.

"Thank you for your time and wonderful website. In the past I spent lots of time and money for investment advice that in no way compares to your website. "
– James V.

"Paul, I have completed setting up my accounts using your strategy and fund recommendations. I used Dollar Cost Averaging over the last 9 months to get it done. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. I always look forward to your podcasts and articles."
 Nasir P.

"The great advice I’ve gotten from your website (The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy) and Vanguard Fund recommendations, have helped us accumulate some assets. That’s going to make our rapidly approaching retirement years a lot more comfortable. I doubt that would be the case if I had not come across your information online about 10 years ago. I’ve shared your information, recommendations and website with family members and friends. I’ll continue to do so. I have the proof to show them how it’s helped me over more than a decade… and that period of time had some real ups and downs. Staying the course, and proper diversification really does pay-off in the long run. Please keep up the good work; it’s important! "
– Susan M.

"I’m going to use your system. I was following Dr Bernstein’s, which is practically the same. However, I really appreciate your personal involvement and the responses you have made to me. I think you do great work. I think John Bogle does great work too, so you are in good company.” 
– John A.

"I am an avid listener to your superb podcasts, and love your no-frills common sense in an age of hyperbole.”
– Michael T.

"Paul, I have been a listener of your podcasts for about 4 years now and thanks to you, my wife and I will have a lot better retirement. There is so much financial advice out there that is just pure crap. I only wish I had found you years sooner.” 
Ron C.

“I would like to thank you for sharing your expertise and helping me understand the investing world. I have recently finished one of your books, have been reading your e-newsletter, and listening to your podcast. It’s been invaluable.”
– Peter H. 

"I am making your videos required viewing, and your books required reading, for my wife and kids. I just wish I’d met you thirty years ago! "
– C.W.

"To say I enjoyed your talk [to benefit Feed The Hungry SMA] is an understatement. Having watched your PBS show, heard you speak, and mostly absorbed information by osmosis from [my husband] over the years, I was struck by how clearly you presented your beliefs and how strongly you project your passion for helping people with all the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years. You present the detailed evidence that makes your case and show the logic of the process that is just so obvious and reasonable when compared to the emotional appeal of most other approaches. Gosh, that was a lot of words to say you’re good!”
– Diane S.

"Paul, You know your stuff. I know because I have been following you for more than 20 years.  Your advice is amazing and you are responsible for most of my knowledge in investing. I started with your print newsletter back in the 80′s. I still have those newsletters in a notebook that I refer to periodically. I followed your timing models for many years. Then as you added a “buy and hold” portion to your philosophy, I added B&H to my timing approach for diversification. Although I now use my own timing model, your B&H philosophy is still the major portion of my portfolio. My portfolio includes 35% US, 25% int’l and 40% bonds with equal portions of large, small, growth and value in each component."
– George F.

"Your articles are the equivalent of a college degree in investing for the average investor who is willing to spend the time to learn to do their own investing.  One comment you made 25 years ago inspired me to learn to be my own investment advisor: No one cares about your money as much as you do and no one will be as careful with it as you.  I will be retiring in a few years and thanks to you, my retirement will really be the golden years.” 
– Martin K.

"A wholehearted thank you for the wonderful work that you do and the many people you help navigate through the truly daunting task of preparing their investments for retirement. I am grateful.I’m a PBS member and received your books and CDs when I made a contribution after watching the show. I read, re-read, poured over, highlighted and studied the materials carefully and ultimately used them to help me make a plan."

I recoiled from investing about 10 year ago after losing half my savings in a clever ponzi scheme being run out of Wells Fargo Bank (!!). My risk tolerance was never high to begin with and that event, to say the least, didn’t help. So, the net result is today my savings are in money markets and CDs at Vanguard. I’ve known for a while that I had to do something, but couldn’t get up the nerve. Your gentle voice of reason, clear explanations and encouragement helped me tune out the noise, get focused, and dare to take a new step.
– Andrea B.

The following quotes are from the Forum

Dec. 15, 2011

“I have known Paul for a fairly long time and he truly is one of the good guys in the business. He always tries to do what he believes is the right thing for people. His efforts on PBS are purely not for profit and he is donating any royalties he makes; and note that he is actually retired from the RIA business.”
– Larry

“I have listened to Paul’s podcasts for some time now. He is excellent at explaining complex concepts to beginners IMO. He knows the business, the sales traps, defined contribution plans and their schemes, 403b, 401k, and the investing process inside and out with indexing and low fees.”
– ‪schullo

“I like his books and his websites and pretty much anything he puts out. He has seen it all.”
– riskonoff

“I like Merriman a lot and find the downloads on his site to be sound and easy to understand. Its quite obvious the influence his Ultimate Buy & Hold portfolio has had because you see it presented on this site so often (I myself use it as the basis for my own portfolio).  Big thumbs up for Paul Merriman from this corner of the world.”
– HongKonger

“Paul is doing that PBS show to help raise funding for PBS. Paul has been wonderfully generous to me over the years, even giving me his books, that I might help others who had questions about investments. He has graciously answer my questions about investments over the years. He’s definitely one of the good guys. His online investment show, “Sound investing,” was something I didn’t miss for years. Mr. Merriman earned my respect.”
– rustymutt

“His book Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money is a worthwhile read, and compares favorably with books by Larry Swedroe and William Bernstein.”
– jginseattle

“Paul Merriman’s site and podcasts are excellent. His advice is good. He’s generally very much in keeping with sound Boglehead philosophy.”
– ‪lmpmd