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After Rich Buck and I submit an article for the Marketwatch site, we post it on our website.  While we would like each article to be helpful to our readers, some are definitely more helpful than others.

I recently reviewed all of the articles we have submitted.  They published all but a couple as they concluded I was being too hard on Wall Street.  Of course I don’t think I’m as hard as I could or should be.  In many cases Wall Street advice is leaving retirees with literally half of what they should have to live on and leave to those they love.

The following are the articles that I believe are the most potentially life changing for our readers and their families.

I have given the link to the article on our site but each article has a link to the Marketwatch article.  If you link to the Marketwatch article you can read the many comments from readers, and in some cases, my response.

If you have a favorite article that is not on the list,  let me know why and I will consider it in the next update.

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For advanced readers I recommend articles on each of the important asset classes I think you should hold in your equity portfolio. 

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