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Every Wednesday, Paul releases a new Sound Investing podcast, free and advertiser-free, to give you sound ideas to grow and protect your money. Driven by a passion for financial education, Paul has been podcasting weekly even before retiring in 2012 from the Seattle-based investment advisory firm he founded in 1983. Sound Investing has received numerous recognition's including “Best Money Podcast” by Money magazine. 


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Best-in-Class ETFs 2021 Explained 1-27-2021

2021 ETF & mutual fund recommendations and 8 Q&A 1-20-2021

How do you invest in retirement when interest rates are so low? and 7 other important questions 1-12-2021

Our most important investment lessons from 2020 01-06-2021

My Favorite 12 Vanguard Funds For Retirees 12-30-2020

The “Ultimate” Year-End Podcast  12-23-2020

“Stacking Benjamins” talks millions! 12-16-2020

What’s the most important decision when close to retirement? Plus 9 more Q&As  12-09-2020

Paul Merriman on Vestory’s Talking Real Money 11-25-2020

“Money Talks” with Swedroe, Ferri & Merriman — Part 2 11-18-2020

“Money Talks” with Swedroe, Ferri & Merriman — Part 1 11-11-2020

Q&A Follow-up to “Simple & Effective Balanced Portfolios for Lifetime Investing Success” 11-04-2020

Simple & Effective Balanced Portfolios for Lifetime Investing Success 10-26-2020

Q&A Follow-up: “Which Is The Best 1-,2-, 3- and 4 Fund Strategy?” Part 3  10-21-2020

Q&A Follow-up: “Which Is The Best 1-,2-, 3- and 4 Fund Strategy?” Part 2   10-14-2020

Q&A Follow-up: “Which Is The Best 1-,2-, 3- and 4 Fund Strategy?” Part 1  10-07-2020

Which Is the Best 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-Fund Strategy? 9-30-2020

The importance of community, luck and half a percent 9-23-2020

Answering investor concerns, Sept. 16, 2020 9-16-20

How to manage the biggest risks of investing 9-9-2020

Investing for your children’s future — what you should know  9-1-2020

How to be a successful investor  8-26-2020

Spending your way to wealth 8-19-2020

Factor Investing Part II: Interview with Rick Ferri and Paul Merriman by White Coat Investor Dr. Jim Dahle  8-12-2020

Factor Investing: Interview with Rick Ferri and Paul Merriman by White Coat Investor Dr. Jim Dahle — Part I 8-5-2020

Can 12 simple steps really be worth millions? Plus 10 Q&A 7-29-2020

What returns can we expect in the future? 7-22-2020

Am I saving enough to retire? and 5 more Q&A 7-15-2020

The Past, Present, and Future of Investing 7-8-2020

Help for the do-it-yourself investor 7-1-2020

Great news for target date fund Investors PLUS 7 more Q&A’s 6-24-2020

12 Q&A from San Diego AAII 6-17-2020

How confident can we be in past performance?  6-10-2020

Q&A Part 2 from ChooseFI Events May 2020 6-2-2020

10 ways retirees can make an extra $1 million dollars on their portfolio  5-27-2020

Q&A from the ChooseFI Facebook live event May 9, 2020 5-20-2020

Questions, answers and opportunities during the pandemic 5-13-2020

What’s about to change in your financial life? 5-6-2020

The best we have to offer investors 4-29-2020

Fixed Contributions- small changes leading to big returns

4-Fund Combo and Your Overall Financial Picture

The Ultimate Distribution Strategy-2020

20 Q&A for March 2020’s Bear Market

How to build the best comeback portfolio

Bear Markets and Fixed Distributions

20 things you should know about small-cap value

Should I try to time the market

Fine-Tuning Your Asset Allocation 2020 Update

The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy 2020 Update

The big payoff for asset class diversification

10 important lessons from the 2020 Callan Periodic Tables

How did Paul Merriman make 30% a year for 30 years? and 10 more Q&A’s

Paul answers questions from Bogleheads’ forum

The real secret to long-term investment success

Best in Class 2019 Returns plus 12 Q & A

Thoughts on 2020 and Q&A from Paul’s Listeners & Readers

Could this be the #1 reason to use index funds?

Strategy update: How to turn $3000 into $50 million

The Ultimate Buy & Hold vs. 2 Funds for Life

What are the odds we are going to have a bear market in the coming year?

20 Steps to Double Your Income During Your Retirement

Why doesn’t Vanguard add more small-cap value to its TDFs?… and 13 more Q&A

Is it time to add small cap and value to your portfolio?

How to invest in a bear market

Lessons from teaching teachers, FIRE students and independent investors

When should you fire an advisor? Plus, who to trust and how much is enough?

Which funds are best in a bear market: passively or actively-managed funds?

Why not own a growth index fund instead of the S&P 500?

Facts and fictions of small-cap-value returns – Part II

Facts and fictions of small-cap-value returns Part 1

Financial Independence Retire Early (Part 2)

Financial Independence Retire Early (Part 1)

Target Date Funds: America’s #1 Retirement Investment

Are These Two Funds the Only Ones You Need for Life?

How to avoid the big mistakes pre-retirees make

Talking Real Money

Understanding the 2 Funds for Life strategy

21 things mutual funds won’t tell you

Is dollar cost averaging the best approach? And what’s the future of small-cap value index funds?

7 Q&A’s on Expected Risk and Return in Today’s Market

20 things you should know about diversification

Tax rates, presidents, record economic growth

Making the best of your financial future

How is the stock market doing? (First half of 2019)

Is the value premium dead? And 9 more answers to investors’ questions

Flexible distributions in retirement: The ultimate strategy

Explaining the Ultimate Buy-and-Hold Portfolio

10 things you need to know about fixed distributions- 2019 update

Answers to 12 Questions from AAII investors

Performance: What should you plan on for the future?

The biggest risk of all for investors plus 12 Q&A’s

Why investing has never been easier or more profitable

Top 10 Truth Tellers: George Sisti

Q&A for DIY and Professionally-Advised Investors

How realistic are your expectations for future returns?

What every investor should learn from the Fine-Tuning Tables

Is it time for Bitcoin, value and small caps to be the big winners?

10 more things you need to know about the Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy

Are you better off investing in bonds or stocks paying dividends?

Best-in-Class ETF Portfolio Recommendations: 2019 Update

What successful investors know about performance in risky times

Paul’s best investment advice for first time investors

The Most Important Investment Decision of Your Life

8 Q&A, from upcoming events and Millennial spending to investor recommendations

Advice for new, mid-career and retired investors: 8 Q&A’s

How John Bogle changed my life… and yours too!

What do you know about the past and future returns of your investments?

Is it time to make changes to your portfolio? And 9 other Q&A’s.

Paul Merriman’s 2018 in Review

How far will the market fall? and 6 more Q&A

The Best Podcast of 2018: Mark Hulbert on “Lessons learned from 40 years of independently tracking investment advisers’ performance”

Investment lies many investors believe… especially during market declines

Always something more to learn, and teach

How much should I have in equities? And other questions

The Only 12 Things You Need to Know to be a Successful Investor for Life

Updates on ETFs and other projects with Chris Pedersen and Paul Merriman

How to respond to election results plus 8 investment Q&A’s

2 Funds for Life: The Bottom Line (10 lessons from the 2 Funds for Life study)

2 Funds For Life

Value, risk and retirement

What’s wrong with target date funds? The three greatest investment products – Part II

Best mutual fund and best “safe” withdrawal rate, plus 8 Q&A’s

The three greatest investment products – Part I

Can we trust hypothetical returns, plus 7 Q&As

10 things Mark Cuban says to do with your money

Passive vs. Active: Paul Merriman vs. Ken Fisher

10 Q&A for investors trying to do the right thing

How To Invest In Today’s Market

The coming correction and other questions

What you probably don’t know about Paul Merriman

What is the best Vanguard balanced fund?

Small-Cap Value: What Could Go Wrong?

Finance across the generations

How will you change your Vanguard ETF portfolios?

The truth of market timing and more

Are great value returns a thing of the past? And nine other Q&A’s

Investing Myths

Preparing for retirement

A huge reason to invest in small-cap value

Should we get out now? Plus 9 Q&A

The Truth about Market Timing

Those who come out ahead have put their trust in the system over the long term

What rate of return should I use in my retirement plan?

Investing for Life: Dr. Jim Dahle of White Coat Investing interviews Paul Merriman

The ultimate distribution strategy: 2018 update

Big news- SPIVA and DALBAR reports are out!

Fixed Distribution Strategies-2018 Update

The most important lesson from “Save $1000 a year. Retire with millions”

Building a million dollar portfolio with $1000 a year

How to get started investing and keep going – Q&A

Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation,Worldwide and All Value Portfolios

Is it time to sell? and other investor questions

Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation with the S&P 500 2018 update

CDs vs. bonds and other important questions

2018 Update of Paul’s “Ultimate Buy-and-Hold” Portfolio

Topics you can’t afford to miss

Pros and Cons of Motif and M1 Finance

Passive VS. Active Q&A

The #1 investment table

2017 Portfolio performance plus your questions answered

What you should know about 2017 returns

What I think about Bitcoin and my 12 projects for 2018

What to do about bonds?

10 things you should know about small cap value

8 Great Investment Questions and Answers

34 ways to get more out of your 401k

Is it time to get more conservative? And 9 more interesting questions…

12 Answers to Investor Questions

Lessons learned at AAII Conference

Introducing The Merriman Ultimate Target-Date Portfolios

What’s wrong with target date funds?

How to Avoid the 20 Most Common Investment Mistakes Retirees Make

15 Risks of Managing Your Money

20 Steps to Double Income During Retirement

20 Money-Losing Myths

10 Investment Guarantees Every Investor Should Know

How did the Best-in-Class ETF portfolio do?

Evidence that could derail the value vs. growth debate

22 Ways to get more from your 401(k) and IRA

Our 401k Project and answers to investor questions

The case for the Total Stock Market Index and more

How to Prepare for a Bear Market

The 4 Most Common investment Questions

Q&A with Ken Roberts of Ken’s Bulls & Bears

50 Facts Every Investor Should Know

Beyond Buffet: Everything You Need to Know about Value Investing

Asset allocation, market timing and private equity long-term returns

Rebalancing, financial facts over 70, new Callan Tables and more

14 Q&A’s for Sound Investing listeners

Why picking stocks is only slightly better than playing the lottery

10 lessons from meeting with John “Jack” Bogle

Getting the most out of your 401k

Invest now or wait for the next correction

Flexible retirement distributions 2017 update

Taking fixed distributions in retirement 2017 update

Q&A from AAII presentation, May 20, 2017

May 2017 Update of Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation

The Reasons for the Ultimate Buy-and-Hold Strategy with DoughRoller Rob Berger

The Ultimate Buy & Hold Portfolio Update 2017

The truth about mutual fund performance

How financial “Fake News” can ruin your financial future.

How to select the best Motif portfolio for you.

Risk, return and most important investor lessons

Motif Investing and the Tale of Two Emails

Motif Investing Q & A

2017 Update: Fine-Tuning Your Asset Allocations

Understand one-click Ultimate Buy and Hold portfolios at Motif Investing

Introducing the The Best, Easiest, Lowest-Cost Way To Invest

10 ways to protect your investments from the next bear market.

The Perfect Investment

Is passive indexing a delusion?

Finding a fiduciary, plus Vanguard vs. DFA

Three decisions to reach your “early retirement” goal

The biggest investment mistake I know (“Outrage of the Year #1”)

How to invest during a Trump Presidency and more

Investing vs. Speculating: The case for diversification
Outrages, Q&A’s, a correction and a coming attraction

What worked and what didn’t in 2016

31 important rules of financial fitness

31 important rules of financial fitness

How to Avoid the Big Mistakes Pre-Retirees Make

Ken Roberts’ Bulls and Bears – A Radio Interview with Paul Merriman 12-5-16

The Death of Equities

How to make a million dollars with your smartphone

Lessons From the World’s Most Famous Investors

What will the market do under President Trump?

Paul Merriman: 12 Investment Decisions Guaranteed to Change Your Financial Future

The ultimate all value equity portfolio

This 2 fund solution leaves the S&P 500 in the dust

The worst bear market that nobody ever talks about

Is John Bogle the best source of investment advice?

How to defend against bear market losses and other questions

The 1/2 Percent Difference

Lessons from “How to Think About Money” by Jonathan Clements

How to select the best financial advisor

10 lessons from 80 years of history




What investors need to know

Outrage of the Week and 11 Q&A’s

How value stocks can keep you from outliving your money

How to avoid the 20 most common mistakes retirees make

How can you protect yourself from Wall Street?

Q&As: ETFs, grandchildren, emerging markets and small cap value

What to do about the Brexit Blues?

Answers to your questions and comments about “How to turn $3000 into $50 million”

12 lessons we must teach first time investors

Must-know lessons from the king of investment newsletters

Investing to put luck on your side

7 reasons Vanguard is better than Fidelity

The end of active management

Habits and Attitudes of Successful Investors

Why not put all of your investments in small cap value?

10 lessons from my favorite investment book

Hulbert and 36 years of lessons

How will you protect yourself from yourself?

Chapter 6-How Will You Diverisfy Your Investments?

Chapter 5-How Much Risk Will You Take?

Will you try to beat the market?

A crucial decision: Who deserves your trust?

The Ultimate Distribution Strategy 2016

How Much Can You Take Out of Your Investments in Retirement

Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation-2016

The Ultimate Buy and Hold Portfolio 2016

Politics, a crooked broker and a widow

My favorite commission-free ETFs

10 ways to make more money on your Vanguard Investments

How to tame this bear market

20 questions and answers

Buy, Sell or Hold? What should you do next?

A very special letter I hope you will write to your child or grandchild

12 simple steps to making 12%

Predictions you can trust

The Gift That Really Keeps On Giving

Retirement Planning, Small Cap Value and More

Q&A’s: Turning $3000 into $50 million

How to turn $3,000 into $50 million

Do You Really Follow My Advice?

What is The Ultimate Equity Buy and Hold Strategy?

The best small cap value ETF

Buffet, Lynch and Miller vs. small cap value

Bogle predicts 4% growth rate for stocks

22 Things to Know About Bear Markets

Will small cap and value make as much in the future as they have in the past?

What are the most important first steps for successful long-term investing?

How Much Risk Should I Take?

What return do I need on my investments?

Paul Answers Questions on Performance, Advisors, IRA’s and Annuities

Paul answers questions on mid-life investing, inheritance, DFA funds and inflation

Paul answers questions on Vanguard, S&P 500, short term and first-time investments

Are we headed for the next bear market?

Where can you get unbiased financial advice?

Do You Qualify For a Flexible Distribution?

The only bear market that really matters

3 Ways Target Date Funds Fail Investors

Flexible Distribution: The Ultimate Distribution Strategy

10 Lessons in Fixed Distribution Strategies

100,000 ways to lose half your money

10 things you should know about bear markets

The Best Market Strategy I know

Fine tuning your asset allocation 2015

Answers to your questions about bond funds

What’s a normal asset allocation?

Q & A Part 2 – From Portland AAIII Presentation

Q & A From Portland AAIII Presentation

How to cope with investment pornography

How to beat the market… really!

Does good advice lead to the best returns?

What do we do with the news?

10 big advantages of Vanguard Funds

How To Make More on Your Target Date Funds

REITs: An asset class that takes a lot of patience

Can I Trust Your Numbers?

4 Fund Solution

What’s wrong with Vanguard Small Cap Value?

10 Things You Should Know About Small Cap Funds

10 Things You Should Know About Large Cap Value

The myths and realities of the S&P 500

Mario Gabelli: Genius, Guru or Goat?

How Is Your Investment Portfolio Performing?

Seven Investment FAQs

Six Questions and Answers

Review of 2014 and Long Term Returns

The Perfect Retirement Portfolio

John Bogle’s Big Bet

How To Get the Most Out of

How Do I Make the Move Back Into The Market?

The Outrage of the Year!

Is it time to make changes in our portfolios?

Retirement Distribution Strategies

10 Reasons I Don’t Like Vanguard’s Total Stock Market Index Fund

8 lessons from 80 years of history

Three Huge Investment Decisions

Should My Advisor Be Local?

My favorite Vanguard balanced fund

Hedgefunds – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

What You Should Know About 401(k) Plans

Should you own alternative investments?

Whose performance do you trust?

Is the small cap premium gone?

Paul answers your questions

How to fix a broken portfolio

How To Get The Most From Your 401(k) Plan

Differences between Vanguard and DFA Emerging Market Funds

Make your kid rich for $1 a day

Ken Roberts’ Bulls and Bears – A Radio Interview with Paul Merriman

8 Secrets to help you retire today and enjoy it!

Q&A Regarding Paul Merriman’s Recommended Portfolios

Q&A Regarding Asset Allocation, Financial Advice, Stocks vs. Bonds, and CDs

Q&A Regarding Bonds, Index Funds, ETFs and 401(k) Diversification

First Half of 2014: What Have We Learned?

How to Use Morningstar

Are ETFs not living up to expectations?

What’s Wrong with Vanguard

Finding a Mentor

Eight Secrets to Help You Retire Today!

Superior Diversification on a Shoestring Budget

Overcoming Hurdles To Saving and Investing For The Beginning Investor

Warren Buffet recommends S&P for wife

Dalbar Study

Podcast: How $40,000 Can Add $2,000,000 to Your Retirement

The ultimate retirement DISTRIBUTION strategy

Optimizing Retirement Income For Fixed Distributions

Paul Answers Your Questions

The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy 2014

The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy 2014 Podcast

How Do Predictions of a 2014 Crash Affect You?

22 Advantages of Index Funds

Answers to Questions Posed By Sound Investing Listeners

Who Can Investors Trust?

How to buy an immediate life annuity

The Magic of One Percent

An Amazing Gift For A Child

Hulbert Financial Digest Results

Understanding and Managing Investment Risk – Part 2

Understanding and Managing Investment Risk – Part 1

Review of 2013 Investments and Predictions for 2014

The Best Advice I Ever Got (or Gave)

Overcoming Three Hurdles to Saving and Investing for the Beginning Investor

Are REIT’s still a good investment?

My Favorite San Miguel de Allende Websites

How to create more money for investing: deal with debt.

Why rebalancing may be a very big mistake.

Is It Enough To Be “Happy” With Your Investment Results?

A budget is key to making progress on your financial goals

What Should I Do Now?

Would You Like Your Son To Play Professional Football?

Is Now a Good Time To Invest In Bonds?

Time To Sell Everything?

Is Now The Time For Active Investing?

Does Your Advisor Work For An Unethical Firm?

Saving and investing take so much effort to get started! Overcoming this hurdle for first-time investors

Understanding Your Options: Roth 401k and Roth IRA

Overcoming Hurdle #1: Putting Compound Interest to Work

Overcoming Three Hurdles to Saving and Investing for Beginning Investors: Introduction

Fine-Tuning Your Asset Allocations Q&As

The Ultimate Distribution Strategy

How To Maximize Distributions in Retirement

Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation

Pros and Cons of Index Funds

The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy 2013

Commission-Free ETF Portfolios

Fund Ratings: Garbage In, Garbage Out


What If I Am Wrong?

Are You Getting Your Share?

Do You Need Real or Hypothetical Results?

The Impact Of Inflation On Your Investments

Should I Use Bonds Or Bond Funds?

The Huge Need For Financial Literacy

Passive Beats Active Big Time

Does It Pay To Be Top Dog?

Does It Matter How Much You Care About Your Money?

Vanguard Value Index vs. Dimensional Large Cap Value Fund

Fighting for the Last Half Percent

Some Advisors Are So Deceptive

It’s OK To Use A Broker… But Know This!

How Much Higher Can The Market Go?

Market Hits New High – Time To Buy or Sell?

Is It Time To Sell Gold?

10 Things Every Investor Needs To Know – Part II

10 Things Every Investor Should Know – Part I

Is Now The Time To Get Back in The Market?

You Can Be #1

Successful Investing Is All About Defense

Beware of Investment Pornography

2012 In Review: How Did My Predictions Do?

What I want to do for you

Who Really Makes The Money?

What kind of investor are you?

The Seven Most Essential Books on Investing

How To NOT “Freak Out” About Your Financial Future

You Can’t Time The Market: Myth or Reality

Double Your Retirement Income in 5 Years

Get Smart or Get Screwed: How To Select The Best and Get The Most From your Financial Advisor

Financial Newsletters: Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Is It Time To Change Horses?

The Value of Small Cap Stocks

What Rate of Return Should I Use In My Financial Plan?

How’s The Market Doing?

Are Financial Newsletters Damaging Your Future?

Which Vanguard Funds Should I Buy?

One Percent Difference in Fund Costs and Returns Will Change Your Life

The Magic of Asset Allocation

Can You Trust Me?

Market Timing Moves Continue To Cost Investors Billions in Retirement Income

Is Warren Buffet Still Number One?

John Bogle and Vanguard Warn Bond Investors

Paul Merriman’s Vanguard Portfolios Rate #1

Is There Fraud In Your Financial Future?

Is Now The Right Time To Get Into The Market?

Is The New Retirement Age 70, Or Never?

Isn’t market timing a form of trying to predict the future?

Ten things you should know about the risks you are taking

Merriman advisor Phuc Dang discusses how he works with clients to help guide them toward retirement

How a financial planner earns their keep, part 1

Are women better investors than men?

Merriman advisor Paresh Kamdar discusses how most advisors depend on correctly forecasting the future to be successful

Ten things you should know about investing

Warren Buffett: “The best time to buy is whenever you have money; and the best time to sell is never.”

Merriman Advisor Mark Metcalf discusses how conflict of interests can destroy your portfolio

Is anyone smarter than the market?

Why we put so much importance on looking at worst case scenarios

The 4 keys to successful investing, in 60 seconds

Does your advisor have your best interests at heart?

Should I switch from a variable to a fixed rate mortgage?

Merriman advisor Jeremy Burger discusses risks associated with investing

DFA vs Vanguard, 10 year perspective

Buy and Hold vs Market Timing, 2012 update

Do the largest mutual fund companies have the best track records?

Should I invest in REITs if I own my home?

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