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Motif Closing

On May 20, 2020, Motif Investing will cease operations and transfer all remaining accounts to Folio Investing.  For people interested in an easy-to-use alternative, we recommend considering M1 Finance

Q1:  What do you think of Folio Investing compared to M1 Finance?

A1:  M1 Finance is free and offers an extremely easy-to-use and automated way to implement the various investing approaches Paul recommends so we prefer it over Folio Investing. 

Q2:  If I don't want to have my account transferred to Folio Investing, what can I do?

A2:  You could transfer your account to another brokerage at a cost of $65, but it's probably cheaper for most people to sell their Motif's, then request a check through the mail.  If you sell at the next market open, there's a $9.95 charge per Motif for the sale, and there is no charge for the mailed check.

Q3:  How will the Merriman Motif allocations be maintained at Folio Investing?

A3:  You will need to maintain them yourself, but we have a Google Sheet Portfolio Calculator that makes it simple.  Copy it to your Google Drive account, enter the parameters that describe your desired portfolio, then apply those to your new Folio account. 

Q4:  I would really like to avoid selling or transferring securities at this time.  What are my options with my Motif account?

A4:  There's no way to avoid your account being transferred from Motif to Folio, but that's an in-kind transfer so there should be no tax consequences, trading gains or losses.  You can wait until later when you are comfortable selling or transferring and, in the meantime, learn more about Folio Investing.

Q5:  Would it be better to transfer my account to a traditional broker such as Vanguard/Fidelity/Schwab rather than M1?

A5:  This is a personal choice.  It comes down to whether you prefer the automation, simplicity and fractional share purchase benefits of M1 Finance or the full-featured capabilities of the traditional brokers.

Q6:  I've decided to move from Motif Investing to M1 Finance -- where do I find shortcuts to Paul's portfolios, and how can I come up with customized allocations if I want something a little different?

A6:  There are shortcuts to premade "Pies" (the M1 Finance equivalent of Motif Investing's Motifs) on this web page:  If you want something different, use the Google Sheet Portfolio Calculator.  Copy it to your Google Drive account, enter the parameters that describe your desired portfolio, then apply those to your custom pie in your M1 account.

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