Introducing The Merriman Ultimate Target-Date Portfolios

Chris Pedersen joins Paul to talk about their latest research on getting better returns from Target-Date portfolios. The discussion includes the pros and cons of Target-Date Funds (TDFs), how to make the best use of TDFs, recommendations for D-I-Y investors at Vanguard, and the easy solutions they created at Motif for those following Paul’s work.

To enable investors interested in exploring and/or implementing this approach, The Merriman Target Date Portfolios are available at Motif Investing.

You can read Chris’ related article, Achieving Success with Target Date Funds”.  You can also dive deeper into Chris’ research and analysis at the Merriman Target Date Portfolio Glide Path Asset Allocations.

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Paul and Chris wish to thank Daryl Bahls for his valuable research in creating these new portfolios.