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Highlights of Motif Investing for
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  • With MOTIF you can put together any combination of up to 30 different stocks and/or ETFs (not mutual funds) at minimal cost. The total cost of the trade is only $9.95. If you tried to buy or sell this number of stocks or ETFs you could pay $150 to $300.

Normally when you purchase stocks or ETFs you have to purchase an even number of shares, but with Motif you can purchase partial (or fractional) shares, just as investors can when buying or selling shares of a mutual fund.

  • You can design your own portfolio of stocks or ETFs, or select from thousands of other custom-built portfolios. We have designed a number of Best in Class Ultimate Buy and Hold Portfolios. Whether you design the portfolio or use one designed by someone else – like the ones I’m offering – you can buy the entire group for only $9.95.
  • The minimum initial investment required is only $300.
  • Rebalancing is easy and inexpensive. The entire portfolio you create is treated as a single entity that you can rebalance with the push of a button for the same $9.95.If you have ever tried to rebalance your portfolio you know how much work that can be. Now, it’s simply the push of a button and everything happens automatically.If you are using our portfolios: when you push the button to rebalance the portfolio it also picks up any changes we have made to the portfolio.  As you know, I don’t recommend you rebalance more than once a year.  Therefore, your total annual cost to rebalance your Best in Class Portfolio is just $9.95.
  • By using our affiliate link, you help us to continue and grow our work. If you access MOTIF by following this link – or a link on our Web site – and open and fund an account, The Merriman Financial Educational Foundation receives an affiliate payment from MOTIF, as well as $1 for every $9.95 trading fee. There is no additional cost to you.