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Five Steps to More Money, Less Risk and More Peace of Mind

This 2.5 hour video, produced by the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants, is now available FREE to Paul’s readers and listeners. Created for CPAs to receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, the intent of the video is to empower them to better educate their themselves and their clients; as I hope it will be for you and your loved ones.  For those who might be watching with a smaller screen or smartphone click here for the powerpoint presentation and audio only.

The presentation focuses on the equity asset classes (U.S.and international, large and small cap, growth and value and real estate)  every equity investor should own, how to select the best performing mutual funds, the pros and cons of index funds, the best balance of equity and fixed income funds and how to maximize distributions in retirement without taking the risk of running out of money.  For those who would like to do something special for a child or grandchild, Paul discusses how to turn $1 a day for 21 years into $50 million dollars.


50 Facts Every Investor Should Know (dual view)

In this 50-minute presentation, Paul covers 50 of the most important investment ideas, each of which should lead to better returns, less risk and greater peace of mind. Be sure to click here  to access key supporting materials for this presentation. Warren Buffett says, “To be a success one only has to do a very few things right, as long as they don’t do too many things wrong.”  This list of 50 includes all of the things you need to do right along with a bunch of things most investors do wrong. The list shows how investing really works, so we don’t get sucked into expensive sales pitches that likely will make the sales person more than the investor.   There are three ways to watch/listen to this presentation:

 1. The video with dual screen that includes a rolling outline along with Paul’s presentation.

2.  For those who have small screens, the outline only (Powerpoint) with audio 

3. A podcast without the outline.  Regardless which way you choose to access the presentation, the supplemental  information  will be helpful for those who wish more details on Paul’s comments.

Beyond Buffett: Everything You Need to Know about Value Investing

Paul shares the latest research on how to combine value portfolios with other asset classes to produce low-risk portfolios for those saving toward retirement as well as those taking distributions in retirement.  Understand why value stocks have produced the highest long-term returns and how to build a productive portfolio of value stocks using value mutual funds and ETFs.  Learn five important keys to selecting value funds most likely to produce the best returns, including the names that Paul includes in his own portfolios. See how adding a single value fund can double the return of a Vanguard or Fidelity target date fund. This presentation was created for the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants for their members’ continuing education and credit requirements. It is made available for free here and at Paul’s YouTube channel by The Merriman Financial Education Foundation

To take maximum advantage of this presentation, click here to view resource materials.  This presentation is also available in audio form only

View Paul’s presentation: “Habits and Attitudes of Successful Investors” at the 2016 RetireMeet Conference. Download handout here.