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2017 Portfolio performance plus your questions answered

By Paul Merriman / January 10, 2018

Paul briefly discusses the recent MarketWatch article, “4 simple and effective ways to help a young person get a jump on retirement”  and continues with consideration of 2017 performance of the Vanguard, Fidelity, T Rowe Price, Schwab, TD Ameritrade mutual fund and ETF portofolios recommended at his site, including his favorite. He then turns to how to build the Ultimate Buy and […]


What you should know about 2017 returns

By Paul Merriman / January 3, 2018

DON’T LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST if you don’t like numbers. Many unexpected things happened in 2017.  To understand them it’s important to look at the numbers.  This discussion includes a comparison of large cap, small cap, growth, value, U.S. and international asset class returns.  There is also a comparison of 1- and 15-year returns for […]


What I think about Bitcoin and my 12 projects for 2018

By Paul Merriman / December 27, 2017

This podcast presents plans for 12 major projects for 2018 by The Merriman Financial Education Foundation.  They include fund selection for self-directed 401k plans, new 401k plans, more studies on the long-term impact of saving to retirement, answering more of your questions, teaching more young people about sound investing and interviewing some of the industry’s […]


What to do about bonds?

By Paul Merriman / December 20, 2017

What to do about bonds is probably the most common question I get from investors.  In some ways it is the simplest of investment decisions but it can be made difficult due to emotional hurdles.  In this podcast Paul reviews several past articles on bonds.  Here are the links to those articles:  “Why bonds are […]


10 things you should know about small cap value

By Paul Merriman / December 13, 2017

Small cap value continues to be an asset class that Paul recommends for all investors.  Of course, for retired investors it may be a very small part as their position in equities is low. For first-time investors following Paul and Chris’ target date fund recommendations, the super-charged asset class may take up the entire portfolio. […]


8 Great Investment Questions and Answers

By Paul Merriman / December 6, 2017

Following are Paul’s answers to some great investing questions. Sometimes he needs to ask a question before he can answer your question, so please include your phone number in your “Ask Paul” questions sent to info@paulmerriman.com  Also, keep in mind that due to the number of emails received, Paul can only answer a portion of them, […]


34 ways to get more out of your 401k

By Paul Merriman / November 29, 2017

For more than 90% of working adults, the most important investment decision is how to invest their 401k, 457, 403b or IRA. Each of the 34 points in this podcast addresses a way that is likely to produce better returns. In this podcast Paul mentions several articles: How to Turn $3000 into $50 Million, 30 Reasons to […]


Is it time to get more conservative? And 9 more interesting questions…

By Paul Merriman / November 22, 2017

On November 18, 2017, Paul spoke to 170 investors.  Some were clients of Merriman Wealth Management and others followers of Paul’s online educational efforts.  The following 10 questions were left to answer in a special podcast. 1.  This bull market duration is unusually  long. Is it time to get more conservative? 2.  Is the next […]