April 4, 2013

What Yoga and Investing Have In Common 

Merriman101Cover_FINAL-237x300Dear Investors,

We all know we need to get exercise for the sake of good health and fitness. Some people are fortunate to have a sport or exercise regime they enjoy and do regularly, while others struggle all their lives to find something they like enough to engage in and stick to. Many give up.
The only exercise I’ve found that works for me is hatha yoga. My first exposure to it was at age 18. My teacher was 55 and impressively stronger, more flexible and balanced than I. “Wow,” I thought, “This is something I could do all my life!” That was 40 years ago and, despite lapses in my practice, I always return to yoga because I know how it works and
that it works me. So what has this to do with investing?
In a recent conversation with Paul, he used the word “discipline” in regard to investing, and I thought that, like exercise, investing requires a practice or methodology that makes sense to you, along with the discipline to continue to regularly engage with it. It’s not magic. It’s a commitment to your own financial health. And, as with exercise, positive results over time reinforce your commitment. You know it’s working for you.

Paul’s methodology for investing offers a well-rounded, balanced approach to diversifying in various asset classes, understanding why you’re making the decisions you’re making, and continuing to learn, readjust and modify as circumstances change. In sticking with a chosen exercise, you are rewarded with a certain strength, knowledge and confidence. Likewise, as an investor, if you invest time and attention in reviewing and refining your investment strategies, you will improve your life (and the lives of those you love) and reap the rewards of more money, less stress and more peace of mind.

If you agree there is more to learn, or be reminded of, to improve your financial health, Paul has made it easy for everyone to begin or continue a practice of investment discipline that will serve you for life. Have you downloaded the three FREE “How To Invest” series eBooks at Paul’s website, and read and shared them with friends and family? If not, what are you waiting for?

Encouragingly yours,
Aysha Griffin
Communications & Marketing
Merriman Financial Education Foundation 

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