April 17,  2015


Dear Friends,

I worked with Dennis Tillley, Chief Investment Officer at Merriman Wealth Management, for over 10 years and found him one of the brightest analysts and astute investors I’ve ever met. He isn’t right all of the time but, from my personal experience, he has been right most of the time.

When I received his recent article, “Stop Worrying about Rising Interest Rates,” I knew it would be of interest to most of you, as questions about rising interest rates are the most common topic in emails from readers. You can read thisarticle at my website.

The Best Resources To Manage Your Portfolio 

My invaluable co-writer, Rich Buck, and I have been writing and/or updating a series of articles – along with podcasts and graphs or tables to illustrate them – that we believe are the most important, core concepts for investors. Please take the time to visit these resources: The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy 2014, Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation 2014, and Retirement Distributions: How Much Can You Afford?

We hope you will seriously apply these practical concepts to your portfolio, to enjoy more money, less risk and greater peace of mind, and share the links with others. To make it even easier for you, we have added “printer-friendly” options to the article pages.

To Your Success,


6 steps to the ultimate retirement portfolio 
After you’ve worked and saved for many years and you can finally retire, I think you deserve to have the best possible investments in your portfolio. I’m about to tell you exactly how to do that.  More

Retirement savers: Fine-tune your asset allocation
The biggest job facing any investor is managing risk. Take too much and you are flirting with disaster; but take too little and you could cheat yourself out of the returns needed to care for yourself, your family and your heirs.



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