What will the market do under President Trump?


What will market do under President Trump? And 12 other important investment Q&A’s

When Paul addressed members of the community in a seminar co-sponsored by the Bainbridge Community Foundation on Nov. 3, 2016, he was unable to answer all questions at the time but agreed to do so through this special podcast. Here are the questions addressed on this podcast:

1. What is the best source to determine the asset class of each mutual fund?
2. 8% seems like a high rate of return. Is it really a reasonable assumption for future growth?
3. Is it possible to get 8% with 20% or more in bonds?
4. What benchmark should I use to evaluate the performance of a portfolio?
5. Do you read the prospectuses that mutual fund companies send you?
6. How do you determine the total cost of owning funds like Vanguard? What about 401k fees?
7. Most U.S. companies are global. What percent of you have in international funds?
8. According to research only 15% of actively managed funds exceed the long term returns of the S&P 500. Why not invest most of your money in S&P 500 index funds or ETFs?
9. What is the difference between growth and value companies? Should you own both kinds?
10. What happens to the market when we have a cyber attack or the election ends undecided? (Note this was asked before the Presidential election)
11. My wife has followed your recommendations for years while I invest in individual stocks. Do think it is possible to compromise? And should we compromise?
12. There are so many index funds. Which are the most appealing?
13. How do you expect the market to do if Trump gets elected? (In my answer I address the reason I thought it was likely for Trump to win)