What Else You’ll Learn

The way we retire has changed significantly over the years, but it’s just as true as ever that retirement is still about money. If you save and invest wisely today, you’ll have more to spend tomorrow. While this idea may sound simple, actually executing it can be challenging, especially if you’re unprepared.

For more than forty years, author Paul Merriman has helped thousands of investors achieve their long-term financial goals. Working as a hands-on money manager, he’s made important investment decisions and created well-rounded financial retirement plans for investors just like you. Now, in this completely revised and updated edition of Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money!, Merriman shares the knowledge he’s gained during his time “in the trenches” and reveals what it takes to create a portfolio that will fulfill your unique retirement needs.

Based on Merriman’s professional experience and his popular retirement workshops, this reliable resource clearly puts the financial aspects of retirement in perspective. This book shows you what assets have the highest probability of giving you the returns you need, as well as how to control taxes and expenses. The simple strategies outlined in these pages will put you and your retirement portfolio on the road to success.

Filled with real-world stories and practical advice, as well as updated charts, graphs, tables, and recommendations, this accessible guide will:

Motivate you to make better decisions about your retirement needs

Show you new ways to make your retirement savings work for you

Teach you how to determine your personal risk tolerance and use that information to avoid devastating losses

Expose the marketing tricks perpetrated by Wall Street and the financial media

Examine numerous options for withdrawing money after you’ve retired

Help you find a financial advisor whose interests are in line with yours

And much more

Many people struggle with the realities of retirement. This revised and updated edition of Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money! will show you how to make your retirement less stressful and more successful.