February 5, 2015


Dear Friends,

My MarketWatch article of last week was on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Since I encourage you (all investors) to have about 10% of your portfolio in commercial real estate funds, it’s important that you understand at least the most important basics. In addition to reading the article, I recommend you watch this YouTube video that succinctly explains how REITs work.

This week I began a new series that will be more than a dozen articles and podcasts on the subject of performance. I’m sure many of you have heard me say that the material I’m presenting is the most important information I know. Well, this time I really mean it! This information on performance may be the most critical to your future investment success. My hope is you will finish this series with a better understanding of why I work so hard to convince you to use the asset classes and funds I recommend.

In 10 things you should know about performance, I give some major points to consider in terms of how your portfolio is actually performing, and how much and what you should believe from others who are working to convince you they know best. I encourage you to read this and listen to the podcast giving an introduction to the aspects of performance we will be considering in the weeks ahead to make you a better investor.

Because I will be focusing most of my time on the performance series, our newsletters, at least over the next few months will concentrate on answering some of the many questions I receive from readers and listeners. I hope, as always, you will stay tuned and pass along this newsletter and links to free eBooks, recommendations and resources at my website.

To your success,


10 things you should know about portfolio performance
Whether you’re evaluating your portfolio or contemplating making an investment, what matters most is performance. More

10 things you need to know about REITs
If you’ve been paying attention, you may know that REITs, real-estate investment trusts that invest in all sorts of commercial real estate, have been paying off quite well for investors in recent years. More



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