February 6, 2014


Dear Friends,

In our last newsletter we asked you to take a quick survey to assess your interest in reading – rather than listening to – my weekly podcasts. About 40 percent of you replied… thank you so much! From this, we gleaned there were about 50% who were interested. But then, I needed to consider the additional time and expense involved in doing this.

I concluded that – given my commitment to the weekly podcasts and MarketWatch articles, social media posts, updating fund and ETF recommendations and other special projects, like the upcoming 401k recommendations and website redesign -my team and I were already busy enough… especially as I am officially retired.

So, I am asking you to read the MarketWatch articles, subscribe to the podcasts, and join me on the social media sites to take full advantage of the information and recommendations I enjoy sharing to help you ensure a fabulous retirement with less risk and more peace of mind.

My recent MarketWatch article, 12 Steps To A Blissful Retirement, speaks to retirement beyond money, where the real happiness is found. I asked a friend and client of more than 30 years to read it and tell me if I missed anything.

He responded: If in retirement one is able to work out regularly you must do one thing in every workout to make it slightly difficult. To put it another way, just push yourself to a new level, even if it is ever so slight. Retirement life is not blissful. That’s a fallacy. One has a brand new set of challenges. That’s good. Because, I don’t want to play old games either. The best part of retirement is more time to connect with your Creator. And He is so willing to bless you in surprising ways. We love to dine out to unusual places. We are very glad for our health. Travel is always something to look forward to, to dream and plan.”

I hope you too are enjoying pushing yourself to new levels, connecting with what is important to you, and continuing to dream and plan.

To Your Success,


Twelve steps to a blissful retirement

Before you finalize your investment strategy for 2014, I hope you will take advantage of the lessons we can learn by looking back at what happened last year. More 



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