August 22, 2013

paulThanks for being one in a million!

 Dear Friends,

I just checked the number of times our MarketWatch
articles have been opened, or clicked-on, since November 6, 2012.  As of August 13, we passed the 1 million mark.

When I set up The Merriman Financial Education Foundation, it was my hope that we could educate more people about the most important investment information; such as how to select the best asset classes, how to select the best mutual funds or ETFs to access those best asset classes, how to allocate investments across the many asset classes we recommend and, finally, how to take money out of your investments in retirement.

These topics (and many more) have been covered in my Sound Investing podcasts, the “How To Invest” series books and the MarketWatch articles. All these resources are free.

When I was asked to write a weekly column last November, I knew it represented a wonderful opportunity to share my beliefs and expertise with lots of investors. I had no idea that less than a year later, the 39 MarketWatch articles would have over 1,000,000 readers. I am very grateful for this readership, and the help of my colleague Rich Buck.

The Foundation is just getting started and already making an impact.  When my friends ask me, “How’s retirement?” my wife answers, “What retirement? He’s working harder now than when he was working.”  And I add, “And I love every second of it!”

I hope you will join me in sharing this information and using it to plan your retirement and ensure more peace of mind.

To Your Success,



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