Our 401k Project and answers to investor questions

In this fun conversation between two old friends and colleagues, Tom Cock of Vestory.com and Paul discuss their 401k Project, John Bogel, and answers to listener/investor questions about newsletters, currency, IRAs, annuities and more. Tom and Paul produced a radio show together for more than a decade. You can also access Vestory’s free video courses on “Real Retirement Investing” online at TalkingRealMoney.com.
• What do you think of Motley Fool? Paul and Tom talk about the newsletter industry? (12:30)
• Why is the US dollar going down against the Canadian dollar? (19:05)
• About the 401k project that Tom and Paul are working on (21:45)
• Should I get out of American Funds? (24:15)
• Should I move a lot of money at once from my pension to an IRA? (26:50)
• Regarding the U.S. government Thrift Saving Plan, should leave it in or take it out as I enter retirement? (30:20)
• What happens if everyone invests in index funds? (34:20)
• Is my strategy OK regarding my employer match in 401k? (39:30)
• Is there a guaranteed vehicle for 6-7% returns? (41:55)
• How do I best defer or reduce tax liabilities in retirement? (45:30)
• My company is closing and I need to move IRA immediately. What should I do? (49:15)