Flexible retirement distributions 2017 update

In the last podcast, Paul focused on accessing retirement distributions for those using fixed distributions with adjustments for inflation.  This approach is particularly suited for investors who retire without a lot of extra money saved.  If you have not listened to the last podcast, Paul strongly suggests you take the time to learn about the reasons he suggests a limit of 4%, plus inflation, be used as the distribution rate.
In this new podcast, Paul shows how more than 4% can be taken out of the retirement account, without fear of outliving your money.  In fact, it is likely that many retirees could safely take as much as 6% a year.  Using a flexible distribution strategy, an investor is likely to take out much more money with much less risk.
To make the presentation most meaningful please print out distribution tables 2, 3, 7, 11, and 52.  They are available as a group here.