Investing vs. Speculating: The case for diversification


One of the biggest mistakes investors make is not to diversify sufficiently to virtually eliminate stock or company risk. Paul reads part of two important articles. In “Speculating versus investing: The buying of individual stocks,” Larry Swedroe discusses the reasons owning individual stocks is an approach that requires taking more risk without an additional return. He also lists the reasons investors find it compelling to take this additional return, even though the expected return could be far less than simply owning an index fund. In a related topic, Paul reads from Jeremy Siegel”s 1998 “Valuing growth stocks: Revisiting the Nifty Fifty.”  This fascinating article tracks some of the “best stocks” in the world over a 25-year period. He then compares the returns of the Nifty Fifty with the S&P 500, large cap value, small cap blend and small cap value.