How financial “Fake News” can ruin your financial future.


I am thrilled to introduce George Sisti  one of the smartest people in the field of personal financial planning, as well as asset allocation.  I think the best way to introduce George’s work is to share a couple of his recent articles. In the first, George discusses the possible impact of “Fake News” on an investors’ financial future. He ends the article with one of the best pieces of original advice I’ve read.  Don’t miss it! In the second article, “The Illusion of Wealth,” he discusses the important choice between whether to annuitize your 401k or roll it over to an IRA. Stay tuned for his advice at the end of the podcast. By the way, George is a long time personal friend. We have some differences of opinion but I have never heard him give a bad piece of advice. To read these articles, click here.