Q&A with Ken Roberts of Ken’s Bulls & Bears


Paul speaks with Ken Roberts in this episode of “Ken’s Bulls and Bears,” as they answer listeners’ questions:

7:55- How important are the expenses I pay on my investment portfolio?

10:06- Is diversifying really that important? What about loading up on winning stocks like Facebook and Apple?

19:54- What can investors do to manage risk in their fixed-income investments if interest rates start rising?

25:50- I’m in my early 30’s and for the last five years I have been putting all of my 401k into an S&P index fund; it has been doing very well. I want to add some international funds this year. What the best percentages?

30:00- I attended a seminar by an investment advisor who said he can use technical analysis to determine whether to be fully invested or sit in cash and be defensive during market downturns. Wouldn’t a strategy like that be better than buy-and-hold?

39:45 I recently retired and am invested in 60% stock funds and 40% bonds. How often should I re-adjust my allocation?