Beyond Buffet:  Everything You Need To Know About Value Investing

The following are resource materials to further explain and illuminate the slides presented in this presentation.

Slide 1:  For investors familiar with Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet, this article will give important insights into the success each had.  Plus, I think investors will enjoy who wins the fight between Lynch and Buffet.


Slide 2:  The free chapter (12 numbers to change your life) from Paul’s book, Financial Fitness Forever, includes the 12 numbers every financial plan needs to include.


Slide 3:  Growth vs. value:  Two approaches to stock investing


Slide 4:  Warren Buffet:  How he does it 


Slide 5:  Betterment Research: The Risk and Return of Value Investing


Slide 6: Understanding Performance:  The S&P 500


Slides 7-9:  How a simple two-fund portfolio can boost your retirement returns


Slides 11-12:  This link takes readers to 5 tables that compare the annual returns of many combinations of equity and asset classes.  The tables reflect the S&P 500 only equity class, as well as exposure to U.S. and international portfolios of growth and value, and a portfolio made up of mostly value companies.


Slide 13:  This link shows recommended portfolio of ETFs investing in value stocks.


Slides 15-16:


Slides 17-18:  This link shows distribution tables based on the Fine Tuning Tables in slides for 15-16 above.  These tables reflect a wide range of combinations of asset classes and distribution strategies ranging from very conservative to aggressive asset allocation, as well as fixed and flexible payouts.


Slide 20:  Recommendations for Vanguard, Fidelity and T Rowe Price no-load mutual funds:

Recommendations for Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab and TD Ameritrade commission-free ETFs:

Recommendations for Best-in-Class ETFs:

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