Q: How do I incorporate your approach into my company’s retirement plans when the value choices are terrible? 

Q: My retirement plan at work is a 403(b) through Met Life. They offer us four index funds (S&P 500, S&P 400, S&P 600 and Total Bond Index), and other active management funds that have rather poor long-term records; with the exception of the American EuroPacific fund. I have been using the following approach: 24% S&P 500, 12% S&P 400, 12% S&P 600, 12% American EuroPacific, and 40% Total Bond Index. I would like to incorporate your approach, but the value choices in my plan are terrible. Any suggestions? 

A: Unless your plan allows self direction, the only thing I know to do is add investments through yours and your wife’s IRAs. That decision will be driven by your saving limits, marginal tax rate and age.