qandaQ: How can I help my mother find a financial advisor who will serve her well?

Q: I am a long time reader/listener. My mother has approximately $700K invested with Edward Jones. The investments are terrible and I estimate she’s lost $500K over the past 17 years, relative to where she’d be following your advice. I’d like to get her in contact with a financial advisor to go through all of her funds and recommend a strategy (trusts, etc). Any suggestions? I’m located in Portland OR.

A: I suggest you help your mother visit and request the names of local DFA advisors. She will likely be given the names of 3 local advisors. With the amount she has to invest, she should not pay anymore than 1% in fees.  I am glad you have found my work helpful. I hope you will point your children my way when the time is right. Let me know if she does not find a good advisor.