qandaQ: How can I find a good DFA advisor?

Q: How can I find a good DFA advisor? 

A: The easy answer is to go to and follow the links to “find an advisor.”  If you are Canadian, go to  They will ask you a number of questions that will lead them to making three recommendations in your area. But you must understand there is a world of difference between DFA advisors. Some have research departments, but most don’t. Some have advisors who work as teams, but most don’t. Some will recommend all DFA funds, while some will go wherever they find the best answer. Some will use alternative investments, but most don’t. Some have advisors who have relatively little experience, while others hire only experienced advisors. Some have a limit to how many clients an advisor can help, while others take all they can get.

Keep in mind we are looking for an advisor who is competent and ethical, working for a firm that is competent and ethical, recommending securities that are competent and ethical. My wife and have found all that. I hope you do too. For much more on how to hire an advisor, read my book, “GET SMART or GET SCREWED: How To Select The Best and Get The Most From Your Financial Advisor,” available for sale or as a free download.