qandaQ: Can you analyze my 401(k) plan?

Q: A friend of mine says you analyze 401k plans. The following is a list of my 401ks holdings. I would like to be aggressive. What do you recommend? 

A: I wish I had time to analyze 401k plans but my plate is full and overflowing.  Here is what I recommend that might help. Take a look at the asset classes I recommend in The Ultimate Buy and HoldStrategy. Try your best to match up your 401k offerings with those asset classes. The problem is what to do when the plan is missing one or more asset classes. One solution is to pick up the unavailable asset classes in your IRA or your spouse’s 401k or IRA. I will do a podcast on the subject in the coming months. 

My other limitation is I am not an investment advisor, so whatever I recommend may not be appropriate even if I knew all your personal financial information. That leads to another solution. Let’s say you want to be all equities but you’re not sure how to match my recommendations with your investment options. I suggest you contact a Garrett Planning Network advisor and buy an hour of their time having them help you put your 401k portfolio together. I will contact Cheryl Garrett and see if she can identify one of her advisors who could be of help for this kind of request. Finally, check out my 401(k) recommendations at my website for the top 100 US companies and US Government TSP