How to Prepare for a Bear Market


In this conversation with Rob Berger of Doughroller.netPaul discusses how to handle a bear market. How can we stick to our investment plan when our portfolios drop by 20% or more, and how should you be investing now? Among topics covered: 
  • My recent meeting with Vanguard founder John Bogle
  • Should one diversify beyond the S&P 500? 
  • What role does luck play in a person’s success?
  • Should investors wait to invest until the market comes down? 
  • What does it means to be a long-term investor?
  • Paul‘s retirement portfolio
  • How to defend against a bear market
  • How to invest a large sum of money
  • The role PE ratios play in valuing the market
  • How to stick to your investment plan when the market drops
  • How to invest 5 years before retirement