December 11, 2013


Dear Friends,

I had breakfast this morning with Lew Mandell, one of the smartest guys I know.  Lew is not only Professor Emeritus of Finance and Managerial Economics and former Dean of Business at the State University of New York at Buffalo, he is also the author of 22 books, mostly related to the financial behavior of consumers.  Plus, he is a very good friend.  Lew and I are both passionate about helping investors take better care of their savings and investments.

His latest book, “What to do when I get stupid,” is a terrific discussion of annuities and other important topics including reverse mortgages, long-term care insurance and one of the toughest decisions, who should be your trustee.  If you are considering using annuities as a way to fund part or all of your retirement, I heartily recommend Lew’s book.  If you have a friend that is struggling with how to make sure they don’t outlive their money, this may be the perfect holiday gift.

And while you are thinking about holiday gifts I hope you will consider asking Santa Claus for copies of “Financial Freedom Forever” and “Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money.”  Both books are designed to help you make some of the most important investment decisions of your life.  Of course you don’t have to ask Santa for copies of “First time investor”  “Get smart or get screwed” or“101 investment decisions guaranteed to change your financial future” as they are all available free through

I am making plans for 2014.  Here are a couple of projects I have on the drawing board.  I intend to update the mutual fund and ETF portfolios in January.  By mid year I hope to have my recommendations for the 100 largest corporate 401(k) plans plus the U.S. Governments Thrift Savings Plan.  By the end of 2014 I hope to have a new book available.  The working title is “1000 things every investor should know.”  The book will include over 100 lists of some of the most important investment decisions investors make.  The book will be a joint effort with a group of people whose work I respect and whose advice I believe is in your best interest.  And finally, my hope is to have an online course on investing for retirement available by year end.

Your job, should you decide to take on this mission, is to share our information with as many of your friends as you can.  In 2013 Our MarketWatch articles were opened ( and hopefully read) by over 100 thousand investors.  With your help we can double that in 2014.

Let me know what I can do to make your financial future brighter.

All the best,


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