OOPS! Paul Merriman’s birthday wish that you can fulfill

October 18, 2016

Dear Friends,
I was overwhelmed by the response to my birthday wish sent to you this morning… and so was my website server! 
I am very sorry that many of you have been thwarted in your kind attempt to share the link to my new free video. The site has been repaired and upgraded so, hopefully, we will not encounter this problem again in the future. Please indulge me a little more and proceed now to share the link and make this old man very happy.  
Today I turn 73 and would greatly appreciate if you would give me a special present!  
Please take a moment to send the following link to someone you care about. It will give them my free 2-1/2 hour video, “Financial Fitness Forever 2016″:  http://paulmerriman.com/financial-fitness-forever-video/
I am thrilled to see that more than 1,000 people have opened the video in the past week. 
With your Birthday Present to me now, I am hoping to double that in one day!  
There are two important outcomes from your gift: 
1. You will make an old man very happy 
2. You may improve the financial future of a family member, friend or associate.
Thanks for all your help in getting us where we are today. I am most grateful.
To your success, as ever,
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