A new video for CPAs and investors!

June 23, 2016

Note from Paul:

I was invited by the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants to record a video for CPAs nationwide, for which they’ll receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits: Financial Fitness Forever – Five Steps to More Money, Less Risk and More Peace of Mind

I am pleased the WSCPA agreed to make this 2.5 hour professionally produced video available to our readers and listeners for just $10. The Merriman Financial Education Foundation will receive approximately $3 per purchase to apply to our ongoing educational projects.

The early feedback from CPAs has been very favorable. Here are three short comments: “Loved it!” It is great information” and  “Very timely as I have many clients who are investing in managed accounts and do not understand what’s going on.” 

I hope that you will go here, purchase access, watch the video and share the link with your family members. They will need your email and password created for online access.

The following is taken from the CPA introduction to the video:

Join Paul and learn 5 simple steps that can easily double or triple what you and your clients will have to spend in retirement or leave to children and charities.  Paul identifies the most profitable equity asset classes, helps determine how much of a portfolio should be in bonds, how to select the very best performing mutual funds and figure out how to maximize income in retirement while protecting your nest egg.  Paul will show parents and grandparents how to turn $1 a day into a $10 to $50 million retirement for their children and/or grandchildren. For target date fund investors, he will show how to double long term returns with one simple move. Paul’s goal is to help you improve your 401k choices so that you can build a more secure retirement.

I would appreciate your feedback on the video. I want to do another for first-time investors. What you liked and what needs to be improved will be valuable information as we work on the next video. Please email your comments to:paul@paulmerriman.com