March 21, 2013

More Money, Less Risk, More Peace of Mind
IMG_2631Diversification, asset allocation, personal risk tolerance, rebalancing, no-load mutual funds and finding an ethical and

competent advisor… straight-forward topics, right?

But after a year working with Paul – to produce three books in the “How To Invest” series, and create and manage his website and social media – I continue to be inspired and deepen my understanding of his core investment principles,

while witnessing his passion for educating people to wisely invest for their retirement and possible legacy.

And so it was at a recent two-hour presentation Paul gave to benefit Feed The Hungry SMA, a wonderful organization that improves the health and wellbeing of children in San Miguel de Allende by alleviating hunger through school meals (serving 800,000 nutritionally balanced meals per school year – often the only meal a child receives each day!), family nutrition education, and community development programs.

Some 40 San Miguel de Allende residents attended Feed The Hungry SMA’s new facility, received a copy of Paul’s book, “Financial Fitness Forever – 5 Steps to More Money, Less Risk, and More Peace of Mind”, and were engaged by the scope of his sound investing advice, totally relevant to their lives.

Always taking the long view and substantiating his recommendations with academic sources, Paul showed how even half-of-one-percent difference in your portfolio can mean hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars’ difference to your retirement. He spoke to the issues of bull and bear markets, fine-tuning your asset allocation, making decisions based on your goals, and answered questions about real estate, gold, market timing and risk… topics he addresses in articles, podcasts, and books at his website. It seems to me, no matter how many times I read and listen to Paul, there’s always much more to learn.

Aysha Griffin
Business Coaching & Marketing Services
P.S. Paul asked me to remind you to claim your FREE COPY of “101 Investment Decisions Guaranteed To Change Your Financial Future,” and suggest that, if it speaks to you, you consider a donation to Feed The Hungry.
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