January 23, 2014


Dear Friends,
I really need your help. I want to determine if there is interest among you to provide an edited written version of my weekly podcasts, and make this available on my website (for free, of course).
To this end, we’ve developed a very short and simple survey – just 5 questions that will take no more than a minute.
I would be very grateful if you’d kindly take a moment now to answer these. As soon as you hit “Next Page,” your answers are logged and you can close/navigate away from the page, ignoring any advertising.
I’ll let you know the results in two weeks.
My recent MarketWatch articles have been addressing “Understanding and Managing Risk,” which I believe is one of the most important factors for all investors. No matter whether you’re a seasoned or novice investor, I am sure you’ll find some value in these articles.
In the months ahead, we’ll have some exciting news to share, including recommendations for the Top 100 Company’s 401k Plans. So please stay tuned and I encourage you to join me on your favorite social media where I share other items of interest throughout each week.
To Your success,

The 2 biggest risks faced by every investor

Investing is about taking risks, right? After all, you’ll be hard pressed to find anybody willing to pay you to bet on a sure thing.More



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