May 12, 2016


“I am a 76 year old retiree, who has known of you, seen you at conferences, and admired your knowledge and skills. Yours is a truly noble pursuit, and one that I imagine emulating, though on a much smaller scale. I know that you find it satisfying and fulfilling, because I have. Keep up your FANTASTIC work!” – fan
Dear Friends,

From the many comments and questions I receive, I know you care about making a positive difference in the lives of your family and friends.

I get great satisfaction from the assurance that my work is making a difference for many of you, For those who are interested in sharing my work with family and friends I want to offer you 11 ways to share my message of sound investing so you can amplify the positive effects for those whose lives you touch.

I know that money is a topic that’s often difficult to broach, so I hope these suggestions help you to give the gift of greater financial security and peace of mind… while enjoying a reasonable piece of the action.

1.  Watch and share the new video on my homepage  AND, perhaps more important, download the handout material. In addition to the territory covered in the video, this material includes links to 30 of the most important articles on our site, plus 30 of my investment quotes Warren Buffet, Ben Franklin, John Bogle and other well-known investment experts.

I find these quotes help maintain stability in an always unstable environment. They are helpful in keeping ourselves centered on the truth – which should not be confused with the facts – about investing and how it works. The facts are important, and so are the thoughts of timeless wisdom and common sense about investing.

2.  Download, read and share First-Time Investor: Grow and Protect Your Money, our most popular “How To Invest” series book at Amazon; available as a free eBook at my website.

3. Download, read and share 101 Investment Decisions Guaranteed To Change Your Financial Future, where I discuss the 101 forks in the road that every investor faces, and offer my answers based on industry best practices.

4.  Download read and share Get Smart or Get Screwed: How To Select The Best and Get The Most From Your Financial Advisor to learn how to find and work with an investment advisor who serves your best interests.

5.  Review my recommended portfolios to consider how to best invest or tweak your investments for optimal return according to your risk tolerance. Share these links with family and friends who are either getting started with investing or are long-time investors.

Paul’s Recommended No-Load Mutual Fund Portfolios

Paul’s Recommended Commission-Free ETF Portfolios

6.  Look at the list of 401(k) Plans, giving investment options and recommendations for the retirement plans offered by the U.S. federal government Thrift Saving Plan (TSP) and 100 of America’s largest corporate employers. Share this link with friends who may work for one of these companies.

7.  Review the hundreds of topics covered in my podcasts and forward applicable ones to anyone you think might benefit from the information.

8.  Peruse the many MarketWatch articles written by Rich Buck and me that cover a broad range of investment topics, and share those you’ve found particularly helpful.

9.  Read and share about Performance, to understand and maximize the performance of your investments, learning how even a .5% savings can mean millions of dollars to your retirement. These articles are focused on the historical returns for the asset classes I hope investors will make part of their investments.

10.  Purchase and share a copy of Financial Fitness Forever: 5 Steps to More Money, Less Risk and More Peace of Mind, which provides more details in one evergreen resource than other information presented separately. All profits from the sale of this book go to support the work of the Merriman Financial Education Foundation.

11.  Read and refer friends to the Q&As in which I answer questions posed by readers and listeners. In addition to those archived at the website, you can find podcasts that specifically address questions, answers to questions and comments at the original MarketWatcharticles and also at monthly live “Ask Me Anything” chats

The next “Ask Me Anything” takes place May 18 at 1:00 p.m. EST at You can go there now, while you’re thinking of a question, and leave it there – or join me live at that time – and I’ll try to answer all the questions received. Again, please remember to not leave any personal information or ask questions of a personal nature.

I think most of you know I have a passion to educate everyone I can to become a more successful investor. My hope is that the additional returns will make your life, and those of your family, more rewarding, as well as having more to share with causes that are important to you.

Please feel free to suggest more ways I can reach more readers and listeners, and a big thanks to those of you who are already forwarding my work to others.  Your help is key to widening the reach of our educational materials.

To Your Success,

Five steps to beating the market
Stock investors typically regard “the market” as essentially the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index of large U.S. growth stocks.



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