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Joline Godfrey is the founder of Independent Means and the author of “Raising Financially Fit Kids” and other cutting edge books and publications related to the financial fluency. Since 1992, Ms. Godfrey has been a pioneer in the movement to increase financial intelligence among young people. Developer of a unique developmental approach to financial education, her introduction of the financial apprenticeship stage of life has given parents and community leaders revolutionary tools for becoming better money mentors for kids.

Ms. Godfrey’s standing as an expert is buttressed by her research and writing on the subject. Other books include: Our Wildest Dreams: Women Making Money, Having Fun, Doing Good; No More Frogs to Kiss: 99 Ways to Give Economic Power to Girls; and Twenty $ecrets to Money and Independence:The DollarDiva’s Guide to Life.

Joline received a BS degree from the University of Maine and an MSW from Boston University. Elected as a Kellogg Leadership Fellow, she also received an honorary Degree in Business from Bentley University and was the recipient of the Leavey Award for Excellence. 

Ms. Godfrey grew up in a family business in Maine and has been recognized in features for The Today Show, Oprah, Fortune, Business Week, the New York Times and the Financial Times. Independent Means is located in Santa Barbara, CA.

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