March 7, 2013


Is “Everything Under Control”?

Dear Friends,

My wife, Zan, and I are on our way from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to British Columbia, Canada, to see our daughter perform the lead female role in “In The Heights.” We are very excited and nervous for her. She seems to have everything under control.

During our trip, the Dow Jones 30 Index has hit a new high, and emotions seem to be running high as well. Headlines shout things like, “5 Reasons to Buy or Beware,” “Is the 13-year old market dead?”, “RATIONAL EXUBERANCE?”, “Calls for correction grow louder” and “New Dow High: Rally point or new ceiling?”

My hope is that all of my educational efforts (books, podcasts, articles, and personal phone calls) have you feeling like my daughter; i.e., that everything is under control. All of this hoopla has absolutely nothing to do with my next financial move, nor should it yours. On the other hand, don’t think for a moment I don’t enjoy the fact that many of you have a lot more money now than you did at the first of the year.

To Your Success,

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