March 20, 2014


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As investors, we may have many concerns about global events, changing demographics and other aspects that affect the markets and our investments. While my advice is always to diversify and stay the course through inevitable good times and bad, I want to offer you some information that may help allay your fears and be at peace with the sound investing decisions you’ve made.

The crisis in Russia is disconcerting, but not new. This article looks at how the Dow performed during five previous confrontations with Moscow.

You may have concerns about how baby boomer retirement will affect the markets. With so many cashing out equities to live on, plus making huge asset allocation moves to more bonds, the concern is their selling may cause the market to decline, plus the market going down at the same time these retirees need higher values to live on is double trouble.  Inthis video interview, my friend and fellow RetireMentor atMarketWatch, George Sisti, founder of On Course Financial Planning, makes a good case for not worrying so much about Baby Boomers cashing out. Of course that doesn’t mean we won’t have bear markets for reasons totally unrelated to the pace of equity liquidations by baby boomers.Additionally, I recommend Vanguard’s assessment of baby boomers and equity returns.

This week’s 10 minute podcast, “22 Advantages of Index Funds,” should provide evidence to anyone who has doubts about the validity and value of these funds as the best way to invest. There is no other investment in the securities industry that has so many advantages. Whether you are a first time investor or a multi-millionaire index funds and ETFs are the best answer to meet most investors long term needs. If you know of a better way, I’d love to hear from you.  [Click here to email me].

Finally, I want to share some great news from Pamela LaBorde, the professor teaching the Personal Investing course my Foundation is funding at Western Washington University, my alma mater. After its first year, the course has been officially approved as a General University Requirement (GUR). We hope this means that many who shy away from math courses will take this class to help meet their math requirements for graduation and gain valuable life skills.

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