July 11, 2013

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Dear Friends,

Thanks to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), it seems I will happily end my career in the same way I started. Let me explain. Back in 1983, when I founded my Seattle-based financial services company, my desire and intention was to help people invest wisely, even if they only had $2,000 to begin.

I loved this, but it did not make for a viable business. As the company grew, the minimum investment requirement continued to rise, and the “little guy,” with a minimal investment, did not have access to the same investment vehicles as wealthier investors.

I retired from Merriman Wealth Management in 2011 and have been dedicating my time to my passion, which is to advance financial literacy. I personally take no money from this. It’s my delight to share what I’ve learned over all my years as an advisor, and I’m excited to again be able to help those getting started.

Today, because of ETFs, anyone with $1,000, or less, can set up a portfolio with all the asset classes and diversification once available only to millionaires and billionaires. ETFs are one of the greatest inventions in the history of investments.

For young investors – and those starting out at any age – besides doing the right thing with their 401k, they can now start with a very small amount of money and use ETFs to grow their savings.

I am pleased to explain more about ETFs on this week’s podcast, and direct you to a list of ETFs with no minimum(offered by Vanguard, Fidelity and Schwab) at my website.

I hope that whatever stage you’re at in investing, you will learn about and consider ETFs, and take advantage of the opportunity to get started and invest in a hugely diversified global portfolio, even if you don’t have enough to hire a professional advisor.

To Your Success,



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