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December 22, 2016

“I am a raving follower and advocate of your teachings and financial education. I have read your book “Financial Fitness Forever” and the majority of your articles. They have changed my financial outlook and my entire life for the future.  I cannot say enough about the impact your work has had upon me and the impact it will have as I share it with others.”

Note: This young person graduated from college 18 months ago and has used our information to make his investment decisions. What a great feeling to know that we are helping this young man start his investing career without making the mistakes most first time investors make. My hope is he will use the foundation’s information for the next 50 years, and that possibility makes me very happy!

Dear Friends,

As we come to the end of 2016, my team and I wish you happy holidays and thank you for caring about your financial wellbeing and sharing our work with your friends and loved ones. I also want to take this opportunity to share a few more gifts that I hope will add to our goal of guiding you to make choices that give you more money, with less risk, and more peace of mind.

20 Best Articles 2012-2016

As we move into New Year, it’s a good time to think about investments – getting rid of unproductive investments, rebalancing your portfolio, considering how investing works in your best interests, and so on. Here I offer what I consider the Top 20  articles my colleague Rich Buck and I have produced over the last 5 years. Click here to read the list.

Educating Your Family About Money

Joline Godfrey, financial literacy expert and author, has kindly compiled for us a fabulous list of books and movies in this article:

My End of Year Gift to Readers: Family Resources for an Unpredictable New Year by Joline Godfrey:

To say this year brought us surprises is an obvious understatement. And anyone who thinks they can make predictions or accurately call trends for the new year is a lot more daring (foolhardy?) than I am!

But looking ahead pro-actively is what thoughtful families do – just reacting to change is what makes us vulnerable. So my gift to all this season is a set of resources for resilience: tools intended to provide an edge in the quest to help families thrive, no matter what the winds of change deliver.

Some of the resources I offer here are evergreen; they’ve been available for some time. Others are new and worth a review. This is not an exhaustive list. Rather it’s a list I hope will help you start the new year with a sense of optimism and possibility. As always, I’d love to get feedback about anything on the list, or suggestions for things I’ve overlooked.

  • The Table Where Rich People Sit, by Byrd Baylor. First published in 1998, this is a delicious book for introducing children to multiple forms of capital (thank you Ron Lieber for bringing it to my attention!). It’s critically important to teach children about financial capital – I’m passionate about that. But teaching them about alternative forms of capital ­– such as intellect, talent, values, legacy, beauty – is one way we help children understand that being ‘rich’ is not just about the money… it’s about living a good life. This book demonstrates that idea. Though aimed at kids ages 7-12, I think it’s useful for all ages.
  • The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. This book also addresses multiple forms of capital, for old souls and the young at heart. If you have not yet encountered this book, I suggest you share it with all family members as a means of exploring what truly matters. To continue reading, click here.

To your success, as always,


Buffet, Bogle, Merriman: Losers, every one?

Each of us knows a lot about some things. But we’re really ignorant about others. In fact, each in our own way, we are all losers.






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