Four Fund Solution Table
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Abbreviations: Avg – average, CRR – Compound Rate of Return, LCB – Large Cap Blend, LCV – Large Cap Value,
SCB -Small Cap Blend, SCV –
Small Cap Value, SD – Standard Deviation

Data sources

The following data sources were used. All performance data are total returns including interest and dividends. No expense ratio or management fees have been applied.

         Large Cap Blend (LCB)
                  S&P 500 Index 1/1928 – 12/2014.
                  (Provided by Standard & Poor’s Index Services Group, through DFA)
         Large Cap Value (LCV)
                   Dimensional US Large Cap Value Index 1/1928 – 12/2014
         Small Cap Blend (SCB)
                   Dimensional US Small Cap Index 1/1928 – 12/2014
         Small Cap Value (SCV)
                   Dimensional US Small Cap Value Index 1/1928 – 12/2014
         4-Fund Combo
                   25% LCB, 25% LCV, 25% SCB, 25% SCV 1/1928 – 12/2014
Yearly rebalancing is used.


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