FAQs for Motif Investing

How do I find Paul’s Motifs at Motif Investing?

Once you open a free account, using our link, search for “Paul Merriman Diversified” and you’ll see a list of Paul’s recommended portfolios.

What if I want less International market exposure?

Paul now offers 70% US / 30% International Motifs for customers who are not comfortable with a 50/50 US/International allocation.

Here’s a summary of the initial Motifs Paul has provided:

Will Paul be introducing more Motifs?

Yes! In the months ahead, new Motifs following Paul’s recommendations will be offered. Stay tuned by subscribing to Paul’s FREE bi-monthly newsletter on the home page of his website.

Are there other resources for information on Motif?

It is a good idea to read through all of the Motif FAQs. You will note there are a lot of services at Motif that are designed to engage traders and investors who are building portfolios of individual stocks. Of course, those are NOT the strategies that we recommend but it is a good idea to understand all the ways that Motif is trying to serve investors. 

What do I do now?
Get started! Click here and set up your free account.