June 27, 2013

Get_Smart_or_Get_Scr_Cover_for_Kindle11-243x300 (1)Even Liars Know that Index Funds are a Sound Investment

Dear Friends,

One reason I say Index Funds are a safe place to invest (despite the fact they can go down in value, like all investments) is that they protect you from people who lie and are self-serving; the ones trying to sell a newsletter or make a commission, without caring about your best interest. These lies hurt people.

Ironically, in a recent interview with MarketWatch, grand Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff warned investors not to let Wall Street scam them like he did. Asked where the safest place is to invest money with the least amount of risk for fraud, Madoff answered:

“The best chance for the average investor is to put money in an index fund. There are lower commission rates and more professional management with these types of firms. It’s the safest and least likely place to get scammed.” 

They had to put him behind bars – after ruining the lives of many good people – to get to the truth about index funds as a safe way to invest. In my book, Get Smart or Get Screwed, I give you 80 reasons why you can’t trust brokers, and they almost all have to do with lying. I urge you to get this ebook for free at my website, review it on Amazon and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to read it.

I also invite you to watch this video “How To Spot A Liar” by Pamela Meyer, author of Lie Spotter. I think you may be surprised by the facts about lying. These become critical if you depend on another’s information and advice as to where you invest your money. You will not be able to tell what the truth is if you do not already know it yourself. That’s why it’s so important to know a lot about investing before you seek professional advice.

To your success,

Paul Merriman

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