September 5, 2013


Enjoying Life 

Dear Friends,

As I have taught and advised over the years, planning for retirement can make our “golden years” a time for enjoying all we’ve worked so hard to achieve. I know there are many things that can happen to interrupt or derail the best-laid plans, but if we do not plan we ensure there will be more financial stress than if we take the time to plan.

Right now, thanks to good financial planning (what I call “sound investing,”) I am grateful to be enjoying a 3-week vacation in Europe with my wife and our daughter who graduated from high school this spring and will begin college when we return. We are very proud of the beautiful, smart and talented young woman she has become, so this trip is a celebration of our appreciation of her and the family we have created.

To cover my commitment to weekly podcasts, I had the good fortune of encountering Stacy Gary, a keen young man who shares my passion for financial education. Stacy kindly agreed to produce a series of podcasts  for first-time investors. These are well-considered and succinct recordings that I hope you’ll listen to and share with those in your life who have not yet started to save and plan for their future. My free eBook, ” First-Time Investor: Grow and Protect Your Money,” is a great adjunct to Stacy’s podcasts.

Meanwhile, my trusted co-writer, Rich Buck, is continuing our weekly articles on, and my team of communicators and social media experts welcome your comments and participation on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. When I return, I will catch up on the many questions that I happily receive at

So, as another summer has passed and many of you are back at work, I hope you find much in your lives to enjoy and for which to feel gratitude. And I hope you are following Sound Investing principles for your future well being.

To your success,


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