How will you benefit? What's in it for you?

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Subject: How will you benefit? What's in it for you?
Date: February 16th 2017
February 16, 2017

"I have been listening to you since I was in college, your radio show and podcast have helped my wife and I get a great start to our financial lives.  I’m very grateful for the services you provide and I wish you the best in all your projects and your "retirement.” - Justin V.

Dear Friends,

In my obsession to educate more people about sound investing, (based on my 50 years in the industry), I am excited about the new offerings my team and I are developing to give you more and better tools to help you understand investing and be more effective and successful in your long-term investing and planning.

Upcoming videos and podcast

The Retiremeet conference in Bellevue, WA on Feb 11 was a great success. I presented three times. The breakout sessions were standing-room only. The first session, which was video taped, addressed the new research we have done on value investing.  In the coming weeks the video will be on our site for all of you to watch. The second covered index investing - the advantages, myths and realities, and 12 things index fund companies won't tell you. That presentation was not video taped but I will devote a future podcast to the topic. I also had the honor to present the keynote address to 370 people on "How to avoid the 10 most common investment mistakes retirees make." A video of this presentation will also be available soon and you'll be the first to know.

Please (continue to) help spread the word about our free video

The Financial Fitness Forever video that I recorded for the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants – and made available at my website for free – has been watched (or at least "opened") by more than 8,400 viewers, some more than once. To make it easy to follow, I hired Honey Toad, a local video production company to create a split screen and  recently added highlighted numbers in the video to make it easier for people to follow. If you know someone who tried to watch it but couldn’t follow all the numbers, I hope you will encourage them to try it again.

When I launched this 2-1/2 hour video, I asked for your help in getting to a first goal of 5,000 viewers... Thank you for having far exceeded that! Now, I'm back on my knees asking you to help me get to 20,000 viewers! Please forward this link to my homepage: and let's together empower your friends, associates and family! Hitting the goal of 20,000 viewers in the coming months will make it a homerun in terms of reaching more investors. Thank you!

American Association of Individual Investors

I've been invited to speak at annual conference for AAII in Orland, FL, Nov. 3-5. I've waited over 20 years for this invitation; having spoken at almost every AAII chapter in the country. My experience is that AAII members are among the most serious DIY investors in the country.

Some chapters are recommending that their members watch my Financial Fitness Forever video. The video covers much of the information I share at AAII meetings, and the reason I spent the money to make produce the video was to make this information widely and freely available.

If you belong to an AAII chapter, I hope you'll suggest to the local officers that they tell members about this video. If your chapter decides to actually use the video as an educational piece, I'd be happy to be in on the presentation – via a conference call – to answer questions (based on my availability).

A new podcast and article from our Financial Fluency expert, Joline Godfrey

Visit Joline's page to find links to her articles and a podcast, "Giving your kids an allowance: What you need to know" (Begin by reading here and click the link to continue reading the article on our website).

Protecting Kids from Financial Predators
by Joline Godfrey

With clear indications that financial regulations are about to resemble cowboy rules (dismantle Dodd-Frank, loosen fiduciary standards, undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and who knows what else?), families are asking:

How do we protect our next gen consumers, employees, and beneficiaries from financial predators?

You’ve made it through one of the most unnerving parts of parenthood:  teaching your kids about sexual predators. Now they’re older and it’s time to hand them a debit or credit card and your new anxiety is: how do I protect them from financial predators without causing alarm or undermining their independence?

Here are five strategies to provide kids with financial self-defense in the new financial landscape: Click here to continue.

No more Q&A's (for now) . . . and here's why

I apologize that there will be no more Q&As for several weeks. I feel terrible about this but we're in the process of putting together between 100 and 150 new portfolios to meet the needs of almost any investor – from newborn child or grandchild to last years of life. It's a very special, exciting and time-consuming project.  In fact, it’s the most exciting project of my career.

Hundreds of Q&As are archived at my website and you can use the "search" function on the page for the topics on which you're seeking more information.

To your success,


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