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An easy and fun way to start investing

June 27th 2016

January 22, 2015 Dear Friends, One of our readers, Bainbridge Island-based investment advisorBryan Rogowski, made me aware of a new iPhone app called Acorns, which he points out is a great way for young people to get started investing. The concept of the app is to invest your "acorns", or spare change, $5 at a time. Because many young (and older) people never seem to have the minimum required - $1,000 (for ETFs) or $3,000 (for most mutual funds) - to start investing, t ...Continue Reading

Paul Merriman

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The Movie I Watch Every Monday

January 5th 2017

January 5, 2017 Thank you very much for doing the Financial Fitness Forever, 2016 video presentation! I have learned a lot from that presentation and will go back to it from time to time to get more specific details and references. I think there's a good analogy to be made here with real estate ("location, location, location") and for your sound retirement investment strategy it is "defense, defense, defense." As we all know in football, offense may win games but defense w ...Continue Reading

sound investing 2016

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Happy Holidays!

December 22nd 2016

December 22, 2016 "I am a raving follower and advocate of your teachings and financial education. I have read your book "Financial Fitness Forever" and the majority of your articles. They have changed my financial outlook and my entire life for the future.  I cannot say enough about the impact your work has had upon me and the impact it will have as I share it with others." Note: This young person graduated from college 18 months ago and has used our information ...Continue Reading

sound investing 2016

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