July 10, 2014


Dear Friends,

When I began writing as a “RetireMentor” for The Wall Street Journal‘s online MarketWatch.com – along with my writing partner of 20+ years, Rich Buck – I had no idea of the scope of this opportunity to share my investment philosophy and the lessons I think make a difference to your financial future. I do this because it’s my passion and, as most of you know, without any agenda or compensation.

MarketWatch tracks the number of readers who open each article.  Since starting in November 2012, my articles have been opened over 2.8 million times.  Of course, that doesn’t mean all of those opens led to someone actually reading the articles, but the same could be said of my 8 books that together have sold less than 50,000 copies. Five of the articles have had over 100,000 opens – the #1 article: “Double your returns at Vanguard,” had over 160,000 opens.

What does this mean to you? I see each of you who reads and follows my investment recommendations as part of a community of sane investors; those who will reach and enjoy retirement with more money, less stress and more peace of mind. The more of us there are, the saner the world. This is why I’m grateful when you share my work.

While I archive the MarketWatch articles at my website, there are two reasons I encourage you to go directly toMarketWatch: 1. You can read the comments and my responses, which provide greater insight into the topics and answer many of your questions; 2. You can help me reach my goal of 10 million opens by telling your friend and family about the articles. When you find one helpful, please forward it to someone you think might be interested. I am amazed at how many of my old articles are still being opened. “John Bogle’s million-dollar advice,” written a year ago, had over 300 opens (10 a day) in the last month.

If I had this kind of platform to reach investors when I was building our firm, I think it would have had a huge impact on our business. I can’t keep up this pace forever – weeklypodcasts, weekly MarketWatch articles, and many special projects of recommendations you can find at my website, in addition to free books. When I’m worn out, I hope to convince one of the Merriman advisors to takeover my work.

For now, I’ll continue, with the help of Rich Buck, my great team, the moral support of my wife, Zan, and the encouragement I receive from your MarketWatch comments and emails.

To Your Success,


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