A birthday wish from Paul Merriman

October 18, 2016

Dear Friends,

Today I turn 73 and would greatly appreciate if you would give me a special present!  
Please take a moment to send the following link to someone you care about. It will give them my free 2-1/2 hour video, “Financial Fitness Forever 2016“: http://paulmerriman.com/financial-fitness-forever-video/
I am thrilled to see that more than 1,000 people have opened the video in the past week. 
With your Birthday Present to me now, I am hoping to double that in one day!  
There are two important outcomes from your gift: 
1. You will make an old man very happy 
2. You may improve the financial future of a family member, friend or associate.
Thanks for all your help in getting us where we are today. I am most grateful.
To your success, as ever,
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