September 3, 2015


Dear Friends,
What goes up must come down, and we’re experiencing a downturn in the market for the first time in quite a while, causing some people to panic. You know my mission is to give you peace of mind by sharing the best academic information we have for long-term investing, so I hope and trust that my readers and podcast listeners are staying the course, with the appropriate balance of equity and fixed income investments.
That said, I want to share an email and data I recently received from Tyler D. Bartlett, my own financial advisor at Merriman. In conjunction, I recorded a podcast last week on the subject that I hope you’ll find helpful: “Are we headed for the next bear market?
We’re taking a break this newsletter from Q&As, but will continue them in future newsletters and upcoming podcasts. You can find them all archived at my website.
To your success,

The following from Tyler D. Bartlett, ChFC, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Merriman:


This past week I was away at the Washington Coast savoring the last few days of summer before my wife and kids go back to school. The weather each day was warm, sunny and windy…something we could only dream of. In the eyes of my children, this is always the weather on the coast, whereas most of my memories of the coast include grey skies, lots of wind, and a constant drizzle. On Sunday I was reminded of just such weather, and my kids were able to experience it for the first time.
In the same way that my kids misunderstood the true weather on the coast, many investors misunderstand the truth of stock market volatility. While volatility is normal, it has been a while and as such might be a bit unsettling. it is in times like these that it is important to stay calm and refrain from making emotional decisions that may be detrimental to your wealth.
Click here to find more perspective on market corrections and typical recovery times, as well as a recap of the underpinnings of a successful investment strategy.

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