Answers to your questions about bond funds


What Do You Want To Know About Bond Funds?
Paul answers the 14 most common questions about bond funds. He references the following article about bond risk:
1.   Why invest in bond funds when equity funds make so much more money?
2.   What bond funds should I own in a rising interest rate market?
3.   What bond fund should I use in my emergency fund?
4.   Why not use high yield bond funds?
5.   What do you look for in selecting the best bond funds?
6.   Which are better: bond funds or individual bonds?
7.   Should I rebalance my bond funds periodically?
8.   What are the risks of owning bonds?
9.   How much of my portfolio should be in bonds?
10. How do bonds compare to annuities?
11. Why don’t you recommend international bond funds?
12. What do you think of “go anywhere” bond funds?
13.  Why not invest in funds that own dividend paying stocks instead of bond funds?
14.  How much can I lose in a bond fund if interest rates rise?