The Team

The Team

Richard Buck, Ghostwriter

Richard Buck was a Seattle Times business reporter for 20 years, capping a 30-year journalism career that included eight years as a writer and editor for The Associated Press. He began working with Paul in 1993 and retired in the fall of 2011 as senior editor of Merriman LLC. In that position he helped Paul and other Merriman staff members write many articles at and was the ghostwriter for Paul’s previous books, Financial Fitness Forever and Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money! in addition to the How To Invest Series.

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The Team

Aysha Griffin, Marketing Director

Aysha Griffin is a certified business and life coach, writer/editor, and desktop publishing pioneer who founded her own marketing/communications agency in 1986, following a career in newspaper, magazine and broadcast news. Both a business and travel writer/blogger, she is author of Leonardo’s Revenge and Other Stories. With a wide range of professional experience, she facilitates workshops in leadership training, interpersonal communications, and marketing for creatives. She is Marketing Director for The Merriman Financial Education Foundation and

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The Team

Margie Baxley, Technology/Website Manager

Margie Baxley is a Website Designer. She is the Technology and Website Manager for

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The Team

Berenice Parra, Social Media Manager

Bere has a Major in Hispanic Literature (Universidad de Guanajuato, 2005) and currently freelances as community manager, blogger, ghost writer, WordPress designer and English-Spanish translator. She resides in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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The Team

Chris Pedersen – Wizard’s Apprentice

Chris Pedersen is an engineer by training, and new opportunity finder by nature.  He’s enjoyed success in Silicon Valley as a product manager, program manager, brand manager, startup founder, consultant, business development manager, photographer and inventor.  His grandfather taught him to say “I am a financial wizard” before he was two years old, but he chose engineering instead.  He’s been a lifelong buy-and-hold investor, and is now working hard to build the knowledge and skill needed to fulfill his grandfather’s dream and share it with others.

Email:  Chris Pedersen